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Enslaved till death: Chapter 2

One Year on...

It had been my dream to graduate high school and get into college. I knew I'd wanted to either be a teacher or a veterinarian growing up, but since the accident I couldn't stand anything now that involved blood. So that would be an automatic cross off for being a vet. Well the future hadn't turned out as I'd dreamed. I'd started working part-time shifts baking for a small cafe downtown and after six months was working full time hours with new customers arriving by the day. One year on though something strange began happening. Health officials and News Broadcasts on the TV and Radio warned about an epidemic with cases of missing people's bodies showing up with bite marks on their necks. At first there were only a couple cases, it seemed irrelevant on a global scale but then it seemed to be getting worse. They started advising people to stay home, look after themselves and their loved ones until they could figure out what was happening. Some stayed resilient, myself included. Maybe all of it was a hoax. I'd personally hadn't seen anything suspicious. I continued to bike to work and returned home to find a note from my flat mate saying she'd left town when her Dad had text to say her Mom had fallen ill. Weeks went by and no word from her. The property investor from out of town that owned the apartment block hadn't come to do the property inspection which was real strange. The dates were set and he always showed. Something wasn't right.

Three months later my whole world literally got tipped upside down. Miranda - my boss at work said she would have to close down the cafe and move since customer numbers had literally disappeared. There were no jobs around by the looks of it and downtown was like a ghost town now. People had begun leaving the city since the first announcement of the outbreak. I wondered why I hadn't contracted this so called disease yet. Maybe it swarmed and spread quicker in numbers. At first realization it seemed like a good idea to leave the populated cities, away from people to avoid the spread of the epidemic, but what if this epidemic followed all those people to wherever they were fleeing to. Maybe I was better off staying right here.

As I left work for the very last day I wondered if this was the best my life would ever be. I'd been saving for college and would be inheriting money from the sale of my parents home and some things they'd stored away for me when I turned 21. But as I rode home the odd surroundings started to really sink in with all the doubt running around in my head. The once mowed and perfectly trimmed gardens of homes were overgrown and the streets where you'd usually see people walking or riding their bikes were bare. Where had everyone disappeared to? Was this all because of that epidemic? I decided to clear my thoughts and bike to the top of the ridge hill overlooking the city. When I'd made it to the top a little puffed I pulled my cellphone out to see if I could tune into a radio station to hear of any updates. As a scrolled through the radio frequencies, hearing constant static noise station after station. I looked out at the city I once called home and realized then that something seriously was wrong. I bundle my legs up to my chest and cried. For my Mom and Dad, for my flat mate Samantha, to losing my job and now feeling petrified of what would come next.

 For my Mom and Dad, for my flat mate Samantha, to losing my job and now feeling petrified of what would come next

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Hay guys - so I was thinking Nicole Peltz looked like what I'd imagine 'Samantha' - Nicole's flatmate and friend to look like. What are your suggestions?? Drop me a post below...

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