Chapter 8

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*First person pov*

"Alright Ciel, you need to at least make 3 perfect clones. But since you are knew, at least make 2." Iruka directs me. I nod. "Okay, but what are the hand seals?" Mizuki looked shocked. "Do you mean, that you came here, not knowing how to make a clone, and expect to pass?" I glare at Mizuki. "I guess so now answer my question, what are the hand seals?" I say getting impatient. Iruka sighs. "It's ram, snake, and tiger." Iruka answers. I smile. "Thanks." I perform the seals. Ram, snake, tiger. "CLONE JUTSU!" There was a 'poof' and here was probably 30 of me there. Iruka and Mizuki looked shocked. "Did I do it?" I said while acting clueless, but on the inside I was freaking the fuck out. HOW?! HOW THE FUCK DID I DO DAT?! I DIDN'T EVEN PRACTICE JUTSU ONCE AND I DID IT PERFECTLY?! "Y-you p-pass." Mizuki was too stunned to say anything. I grabbed a headband and shoved it in my pocket. "Thank you, really enjoyed my time here at the academy, Iruka-sensei." He smiled at me and nodded. "I enjoyed having you, Ciel." I smile at him and walk out, while glaring at Mizuki. I go outside and see grown ups congratulating their children. "I wish your grandma was here to see this. I'm proud of you son, we all are." "Congratulations! I'm going to cook all of your favorites tonight. We'll have a feast!" And so on. I see two women turn towards Naruto, who didn't pass, and start badmouthing him. "There, do you see him?" "It's that boy. I hear that he is the only one who failed." "Hmph! Serves him right." "Just imagine if he were to become a ninja. I mean he's th-" I threw a fist full of dirt at both of their heads. Don't ask where I got the dirt, seeing that we are standing on a paved road.  "AH!" "WHAT THE HELL?!" I glare at them and walk away. They said how I was such a rude brat ad rushed home to get cleaned up. Serves them right. I walk over to Naruto and sat in front of him. "What are you doing? You should go celebrate with the others." He said a gloomily. I stare at him and suddenly I stand up. "Alright it's decided." Naruto looks at me confused. "I going to be the nation's best jounin and bodyguard when you become Hokage. And, as a bodyguard, I will always stick by your side so if you fail, I fail." I take the ninja headband out of my pocket and tossed it to the side. Naruto's eyes widen. "You can't do that!" He gets off the swing and retrieved the headband. "I won't let my failure get in the way of your success ya know! I'll just retake the year and become a ninja! Don't worry about me and go celebrate with the others!" Naruto argues with me and hands me my ninja headband. I look sadly at the ninja headband and directed my gaze to Naruto. "What about you?" He gives me a smile, but I know it's fake. "I'll be fine, Ciel! It's just one year, right? Don't worry about me and celebrate!" He says while flashing a fake smile at me. "Alright, fine, but you better become a ninja next year." I say as I walk away. He gives me a fake smile again and thumbs up. "I'll become Hokage, believe it!" I nod and walk away. I really want to stay with him and protect him from Mizuki, but me being there might screw up the story and he won't become a ninja. Am I just going to have sit on the sidelines and watch people get hurt or die? In the end, I just another fucking spectator who is watching them, behind a screen or in real life. When I am out of sight I punch the wall out of anger. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUCK!" I the last punch made a huge crack in the wall. But I didn't care. I grabbed the book of spells from my rucksack and went to go train to only stop in my tracks. I didn't get a tour of this place..... I went to go ask a few locals on where the training grounds are. They gave me directions and I thanked the for their time. I head to the training ground and sat down on the ground and opened the book. "Okay, Urano metria-" I was cut off by a certain bowl haircut idiot. "YOU GUYS SHOULD BE MORE YOUTHFUL!" "YES! GUY-SENSEI!" I groan in annoyance and looked over to my left. It was Guy and his team. "Well, if it isn't Ciel." Guy says as he walks over to me. "Guy." I address him. "I see that you are training. HOW YOUTHFUL!!"  I pull out my book of spells from my rucksack and headed to the training grounds. I made it to the training grounds and sat down on the ground and started reading the spells. "Okay, Urano Metria-" but I was cut off by a certain bowl haircut idiot. "YOU GUYS NEED TO BE MORE YOUTHFUL!" "YES! GUY-SENSEI!" I groan and looked to the left. It was Guy and his team. "Well, if it isn't it Ciel, how are you holding up?" he flashes me a smile. Gross. "Guy." I address him as my eyebrow was twitching. "I see that you are training. OH HOW YOUTHFUL!" he picks me off the ground and starts twirling. "HELP! GET ME OFF THIS RIDE!"

Author-senpai: Sorry if the chapter ended abruptly, I got carried away with writing and didn't see how long the chapter was. And this would probably happen a lot.

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