Chapter 33: Mistakes Aren't Always Bad

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Soda and I ran through the backstreets of Tulsa towards the house in a downpour of rain.  Cracks of lightning and thunder popped up in the sky time to time.  We were running through puddles splashing everywhere and had our heads down to avoid the rain.  We hand our hands locked together and I was pulling him along.  We reached the house and sprinted for the front door.  I took off my sweatshirt and put it on the ground.  He started taking off his drenched white t-shirt and threw it to the side. 

“Is your shirt wet?” He asked me seductively.  I nodded yes and he strolled over to me and started to take it off and we moved to the couch.  Sodapop assured me that nobody would be home for the next hour.  It had been a couple weeks since our trip to the hospital and we planned on trying again.  Perfect timing I guess.  

The doctor gave us a call an hour later; he said that there was a mistake and that the baby is still in there and growing and was healthy. They didn’t hear a heartbeat right away, but our baby was still alive. Knowing that we never lost the baby felt like a huge sense of relief that our first baby was still there.  This time I was going to make sure I did everything right.  The doctor said everything looked good and the baby and I were healthy. 

Now, I was seven months pregnant with our first child.  It was August and hot as hell.  My morning sickness was through the roof.  I was throwing up everyday; I couldn’t stand the smell of food, beer, and cigarettes.     

I was laying on the couch wrapped up in a blanket.  I was still having serious morning sickness.  Sodapop and Two-Bit were sitting on the opposite end of the couch watching some movie.  A McDonalds commercial came on and a juicy burger appeared.  Just looking at the screen nauseated me, so I jolted up and ran to the toilet.  I threw up everything so I was amazed I actually had something to puke up.  I overheard Soda talking to Two-Bit.

“What’s the deal with her?” Two-Bit asked him.

“Morning sickness.  She can’t even look at food anymore without throwing up.  Hormones man.” Sodapop explained to Two-Bit.

“How long does that last?” Two-Bit asked as his follow up question.

“I don’t know man, like a couple months.  I mean Colly’s pretty far along and the doc says that she should be outgrowing this.  She’s getting pretty big,” He quickly added acknowledging I was listening, “But in a good way." 

I waddled back to the boys and was greeted by Soda with a glass of water.  I realized that I could barely see over my enormous stomach and my ankles were so swelled.  It killed me when I went to work standing all day. 

“Is this normal?” Two-Bit asked me.

“Yeah, I saw my mom puke more times then I saw her cook when she was pregnant.  Trust me it’s normal.  I’ve seen this six times before.” I assured him and Sodapop. 

Two-Bit cracked open a beer and the odor was horrendous.  “Two-Bit put the beer away would ya mind?" 

“Now why do I have to put the beer away? If it bothers you that much then you could just leave the room.” Two-Bit could be so stubborn sometimes. 

“Fine.” I said as I grabbed the nearby trashcan and threw up in it so Two-Bit would see.  Sodapop glanced around the room to avoid eye contact.  Two-Bit looked disgusted almost as if he was going to throw up too. 

“Alright, Alright! I throw away the beer.” He finally caved and I gave Soda that diva look.

Around midnight, Soda and I were still up watching cartoon reruns.  He was massaging my feet like a good husband should.  

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