4. Chapter Four

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Chapter Four|

"Darling, are you going to be out tonight?" my mother asked, whilst putting the groceries in the fridge. I looked up from my bowl of peanut butter ice cream and shot her a questioning look.

"Why do you ask?" I raised an eyebrow at her, a suggestive smile playing on my lips. She shrugged her shoulders, "oh no reason, I just thought you'd be down Xavier's or something," her lips twitched and there was a small smile playing on her lips as my eyes were fixated on her.

She dropped the groceries on the counter top and eventually looked at me. "Okay fine, I may be having a guest over for dinner," she admitted shyly, and i could have sworn there was a hint of pink on her cheeks.

"I knew it!" I grinned, earning a small laugh. "Is he handsome? How old is he? Is he the overly serious middle-age type?" I shot question after question.

"Woah, slow down honey," she laughed. Grabbing a bowl and a scoop of ice cream, she sat herself down on the opposite side of me.

"Well, he's quite the looker, he's 43 years old, and he's absolutely not the overly serious middle-aged type-- in fact he's quite charming and he's got a great sense of humour," she flushed, whilst taking a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth, almost as if she was expecting it to cool her flushed cheeks.

At this point I couldn't stop smiling at how happy she looked.

"I guess some plans may come up tonight after all," I said innocently, wiggling my eyebrows mockingly.

• •

It was 7pm, and I still had nowhere to be. Xavier was planning on getting 'laid' tonight and wanted me nowhere near to ruin his plans, and staying at home was not an option since i had already promised my mom alone time with her date.

Staring up at the ceiling, I wondered when I stopped being a normal teenager. When was i ever i normal teenager anyway. Sighing, I got up and grabbed my jacket, my woolly hat and gloves.

"Alright mom, im going now," I yelled from the front door. Getting no response back, i exited and was greeted with the cold evening breeze.

We were well and truly in winter now, as everywhere you walked all you saw was frost covered Windows and cars, leafless tress and woolly hats. Tucking my hands into my pockets I continued wandering mindlessly for the next half hour until I found myself at the Cuppa Jo's, the new cafe place that opened up several blocks away.

Taking in the yellow fairy lights that adorned the wooden framed door, and the brightly lit sign, I walked into the welcoming warmth of the cafe, taking in the strong scent of freshly ground coffee beans and caramel. Looking around, I admired the vintage decor, from the various coffee related framed quotes to the unique looking wooden clock that had the numbers intricately carved out, placed towards the back of the coffee shop. Even the tables had a vintage touch, made from dark wood, surrounded by wooden stools, and towards the window, wide, low tables were placed, surrounded by comfy looking sofa chairs and bean bags.

I decided to take a seat toward the back of the cafe. There weren't many people around, but then again I wasn't too surprised by that, most were probably out dining fancy, partying at some college party or even enjoying a night in with their date.

Sighing, I decided to settle for a large cup of frothy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. It was when I was sipping my hot chocolate, that an unfamiliar voice spoke beside me.

"Juliet Harrison, right?"

Looking up, I was greeted with warm chocolate brown eyes and toothy smile and although the face seemed quite familiar I couldn't put together who this boy was.

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