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Thank you so much for making it this far and for delving into the world and minds of Nick and Annabelle Brady. I hope you found their journey to be as emotional, entertaining, and enjoyable as I did.

For an extra fluffy little extended chapter on Nick and Annabelle, be sure to check out my anthology - Sweet Nothings- of short stories or extra chapters. The first is on Nick and Annabelle.

If you enjoyed delving into this story and are heart broken to know that you've reached the end; don't fret! This book is simply the first in the series. Book 2 will be about Vanessa Brady and will have our favorite couple back as we see what Vanessa makes of her first celebrity wedding, while juggling the return of her son's estranged father and feelings for the wedding photographer. Can't be too hard? 

If you're interested in continuing the series, make sure to follow me here on Wattpad for updates on when Book 2 will be released. Remember, that the current book 2 and 3 of the Marrying You series on my profile, are first drafts and do not correlate with this book. For now, I'll be leaving them up for everyone to read but, once I start uploading the final edited Book 2 and 3, those will be removed to avoid confusion. 

Thanks again for buying this book and for supporting my journey as a writer! I hope you'll consider your support of other Paid stories as well as my other, free, stories. 

- Keri. 

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by Keri
Nick doesn't believe that a marriage needs love to survive, and he's...
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