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The week went by slowly, I didn't see very much of Chase, which was disappointing

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The week went by slowly, I didn't see very much of Chase, which was disappointing. But it's not like I care. I over heard Vance on the phone the other day, offering a spot at the garage. I can only assume it was Chase, which gave me butterflies thinking of him working at the shop. I'd gladly throw him a private welcoming party! Yanno, with balloons and cake, get your mind out of the gutter!

It was Thursday, the garage was set to close in thirty minutes. I was finishing up some invoices when a very deep, distinguishing rumble grew louder as it got closer. I jumped up and went out into the garage to get a look at the car. A silver Nissan 350Z rolled to a stop at the open bay door, tint so dark you couldn't make out the driver. The car was as beautiful as it sounds. It sat so low to the ground, it'd scrape road kill off the streets. I anxiously awaited for the driver to get out, silently hoping it wasn't a car chick, a possible 'friend' of Vance's. I was practically drooling, and if I had a penis I'd surely have a boner right now. Too much? Meh.

The car shut off killing the deep idling, and the door opened. The driver stood up, a black hat covered the drivers head, lack of hair told me it was most likely a dude.  Not to mention, the driver's shoulder were very broad, and muscular. So unless it's a female body builder, definitely a guy.  I hung by the door, waiting for the driver to reveal himself. He finally turned around and the butterflies immediately took flight in my belly. My heart frantically beating out of control. Chase looked so freakin' hot, when he saw me standing at the door, his face broke out into a genuine smile. It nearly knocked me on my ass, I gripped the door frame.  "Vern!" he shouted.

Damn. That one nickname.  I sigh, the butterflies just died in my tummy. I release the door frame and walk towards him. When I was a baby, Vance couldn't say Veronica, it came out as Vern.  After that, for years, I was Vern. They teased me relentlessly in middle school, them being 'cool' high schoolers and all. He pulls me into an embrace, leaving my arms to my side while he squeezed me to him. My face smushed to his pecs, very nice pecs I might add.

"Dingle berry" I retorted. I felt his chest vibrate, and a chuckle followed.

"How original V." He released me and I took a step back.

"Well you know..." I rubbed my nails on my shoulder, "I'm a pretty original girl."

He laughed, "That you are."

I pursed my lips. I wasn't quite sure if he mean't that in a good way, so I brushed it off.

"Who's car is that?" I walked around him and went towards the silver beauty.

"Mine." He said coming up next to me.

"When did you get this?"

"Right before I left. Vance found it on Craigslist, and it was too good of a deal to pass."

"It's beautiful!" I walk over to the drivers side door, "May I?" I ask while gesturing to the door handle. He didn't answer right away so I glanced up at him. He was staring at me.

"What?" I questioned self consciously. He shook his head and smiled, "Nothing. Yeah, sure, check her out!"

I opened the door and sat inside, the leather was a little warm, from him just sitting in it. It smelled like him, mixed in with the leather. I inhaled deeply, wishing I could bottle this scent. I could call it Leathered Chase. HA!

I took in the interior, a gauge pod with four gauges lined the frame by the windshield, a touch screen CD player was installed nicely, the trim on the dash was carbon fiber, it was very clean. Very well done.

"Nicely done." I look up but instead found him kneeling close to my side.

"Thanks." He was looking at me again, and I couldn't look away this time. It felt intimate, and maybe it was just me but it was the way he was looking, like I was something more than his friend's little sister. I liked it, I liked it so very much.

That's when Vance decided to make his appearance. "Yo Chase!" he came jogging over to us. Chase stood up and smacked hands with my brother, "Hey man."

"Let me pull out this van and you can bring her on in." Vance turned and walked to the van, climbing inside.

"What are you guy's doing?" I removed myself from the car, Chase remained where he was, which put us very close together. I stepped back a bit, only a bit because I felt the car at my against my body.

"I want to go bigger!" Chase said smiling wide.

"That's what she said."

"Ah!" He laughed, "That was a good one."

I laughed and did a slight curtsy, "Why thank you."

He got real serious, stepping forward, into my space. "But you know..." he took another step, his chest brushing mine causing my body to break out in goosebumps. He noticed this, he smiled while cocking his head to the side, he glanced at my lips then his blue eyes found mine. "That's something you won't ever say to me...." He slowly moved back, not taking his eyes off me, a sexy smirk playing on his lips.

"Pull her in!" Vance yelled startling me. I quickly moved out of Chase's way with shaky legs, releasing a large breath of air. Whoa. 

He started up his car, revving the engine, then drove it into the garage. I quickly went into the office before I made myself look stupid. I was speechless, and my brain was all over the place. What was that? What did that mean? I mean obviously he thinks he has a big dick, is that information he wants me to know because he wants me to know? Holy balls, I was flustered, and confused. Conflustered!

I look at the clock hanging on the wall in the office, it was well after closing. I shut off the computer, walk to the door, flipping the lights off. The hood of the Z was open, Vance's hands were moving above the engine bay and Chase was nodding with whatever he was saying.

"Hey, I'm leaving."  Vance glances up and waves, "Yeah, okay!"

I turn around to the lock the door and dare to look back at the guys. Vance was still prattling on, but Chase was watching me. It startled me, making me take a step back like he was in front of me again. His body was twisted slightly allowing him to look my way, his arms crossed across his chest, making his biceps bulge. A wicked grin formed on his beautiful lips, and then he winked. A simple gesture, that made me a quivering mess. I rushed out of there, dialing Taylor on my cell, I need to talk to my best friend about this.

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