A Special Message To Our Beloved Sisters

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QOFD: If your relationship started out based on Lust and Looks... Don't expect Blessings in your marriage.

Chapter 1 : A special message to our beloved Sisters!

There is a kind of Muslim Men who let a girl gets attached to him,

He promises her marriage while he is not ready yet for marriage,

He is still studying or he doesn't have the necessary means for starting a family or he is not responsible yet!

He communicates with her through Mobile Or Net, etc...

And the poor girl starts to build dreams of a happy house under which they will both live.

After a few months of this relationship he realizes that he committed a big mistake!

So he decides to end this relationship. And the heart of the poor girl who got attached to him will be broken forever, All her dreams will be crashed.

So this is a message for every Muslimah:

Dear Sister, For the sake of Allah never let your heart get involved in any relationship which Allah doesn't bless!

For the sake of Allah don't start a relationship with him no matter how righteous he seems to you!

He would never let his sister have a boyfriend so why is it ok for him to have you as his girlfriend? Your father has surely went through a lot to raise you to be a good Muslimah and obedient daughter.

Respect that and don't betray his trust to you! For the sake of Allah,

Don't find excuses for yourself to continue this relationship with him! Go back to your purity and to what makes a
Muslim girl unique among all the women on earth!

May Allah SWT guide us to do the right thing that pleases Him Ameen.

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