Chapter 1: Dinner

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It was a Saturday evening when I trotted down the stairs with a big pout painted on my lips. My father just forced me to say yes to go on a dinner at this five star hotel and restaurant with the Park family.

"I don't really see a reason why I should go." I complained, plopping down the sofa with my arms crossed over my chest. Every time I think about how dad successfully obliged me to go really irked the hell out of me.

First of all, going to an expensive restaurant is a waste of money, and second of all, I was simply not interested. I knew from the start that going to an event like this is plain nonsense.

"Yes, you do. We're meeting the family of your sister's fiancé. Of course we should be there too, as a family," He answered in the calmest way possible while he stood before the body-length mirror and re-adjusted the tie around his neck. "Now stand up there and fix yourself. We're ready to go in a minute."

I rolled my eyes particularly to no one. Fiancé? More like a month boyfriend. Knowing my sister, she was never serious in a relationship, and never I have expected that she would be engaged to someone until this day happened.

This was another episode of me watching my sister drop her boyfriend in a few months.

In a slight huff, I stood up from the couch and flattened my old rose colored dress from getting wrinkled by sitting on the couch with an ugly position. I walked out the house as I waited for them to get ready.

Looking down at my feet, I heaved a sigh. I was only wearing these silver, high-heeled shoes for less than ten minutes and I already wanted to get rid of it.

Finally, mom and dad exited the main door, hand in hand. They approached the car with a huge smile plastered on their faces. I smiled at the sight of how excited they are, but it didn't last for long when I thought of Ji Hee.

If only she could try to be serious even just for once and learn how to stick to one, she wouldn't have to change boyfriends every single month.

I brushed the thoughts away as I watched dad unlock the car doors. Mom sat on the passenger seat, while I sat alone at the backseat, by the window with my arms crossed.

Dad inserted the key in the ignition and began to drive off.

I remained silent in my seat the whole trip, not wanting to join their conversation. I have the rights to be all sulky for this night since I was only being dragged to go.

"Honey, don't waste your gorgeous face by being all grumpy, smile," Dad laughed, looking at me through the rear-view mirror. I broke eye contact with him by looking away as I breathed through my nose. "You know, I think I should get you a boyfriend so you'll stop being salty." He joked, but it only caused me to get even more aggravated.

"Dad," I groaned only to earn a laugh from my parents.

We eventually arrived at the five star restaurant within 30 minutes of ride. Dad stopped the car in front of the huge building, letting us to get off for him to pull the car over at the parking lot.

"I'll see you at the lobby, hun." Mom waved at dad, who nodded at her as a response.

The security guard opened the glass door for us, welcoming Mom and I. We both entered the huge hotel together, a sudden chill was felt as the cold air met both of my bare arms.

We walked up towards the lobby and decided to sit down on the couch for a while as we waited for dad to come back. I sighed for the second time this night, slightly taking off my shoes and trying not to let mom notice. My feet hurt so bad as if it they were covered with blisters.

All together, we sat on the table across the Park Family. I tried to pull a smile on my face, at least to show them that I wasn't upset during the night.

I sighed to myself and grabbed the menu that was placed on the table. Staring off the pictures of food, someone pulled the menu out of my hand and turn it around. I was surprised by his action, but I was even more surprised at the fact that I didn't notice him when we got here, until he flipped around the menu for me which I wasn't aware that was upside down. I wasn't in my usual self.

"Oh, stupid." I mumbled, referring to myself and looking up to meet the person who made me feel a little bit embarrassed.

The moment I took a glimpse of his face, I snorted and tried to hold myself from laughing at his... bubblegum hair.

And that was the first time I got so intrigued by a guy.

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