14. Gmod#4: JackSepticEye and AntiSepticEye and Darkiplier ( Preview )

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3rd person POV

Jack drifted into sleep and appeared in apace beyond his imagination, he gasp as he saw Sam waddling in the pound.

Jack drifted into sleep and appeared in apace beyond his imagination, he gasp as he saw Sam waddling in the pound

he saw something that made him flush a little, yet made him squeal. He tried his best to contain himself as he ran up to the entrance of his unknown terrible nightmare, dressed as his favorite things

 He tried his best to contain himself as he ran up to the entrance of his unknown terrible nightmare, dressed as his favorite things

Jack was enjoying himself inside his so called "Dream". What he doesn't know is that it wasn't a dream, he was riding a roller ,one of his favorites " Woooooo!! This Dream Is Awesome!!!! " It was a mega coster, one he always dreamed of, his background was all bubbles floating in the air, a big Prehistoric fish swimming around the place, chocolate milk fountains, woodcutters were cutting down trees and replacing them with Irish-root-beer-flavored trees with foam as leaves and beer as tar, underneath the coster, were other things that Jack loved, one of them was a big septic eye floating around the maze of mirrors beside it was a much bigger maze with bubble machines and a soft drink volcano, his "dream" even contained a few memories, Pokemon's filled the little poke-barns.

Then suddenly, a portal appeared out of nowhere, but he didn't notice this since he has his eyes closed. Jack's coster zoomed into the portal and as Jack continued to enjoy himself. He stopped once he didn't feel the wind anymore, Jack opened his eyes to find himself sitting in a coster but with two eyes, blue and green, looking at him. Everything was pitch black, and both eyes seemed to get closer. Tap,tap,tap,tap. The sound of snicker shoes, filled the black abyss. Jack held on to the safety bar and shrank on to his seat, swallowing hard then suddenly shivering as he hear the so familiar voice " Jaaaaaackkk........ "

Not him.


PewDarkPie, after the meeting got another coffee, as he sat relaxed, not so worried about VT and AG running away. I'll catch them in no time. He reassured himself, not complaining why he had to rage quit. It's fine, everything's fine, Tu Bak Kee is doing great, his minions should corner those escapers, by now, besides. That fat fag, Sally Macaroni-something-something, was the bait to lure them in. He looked at the huge TV. " Sarah, you bitch. Mark you asshole. Cry you peasant. And Pewds you copycat. Fuck all of you. This is just the beginning, Venturian, I will not lose to you, ever, I will accomplish try plan and nothing will stop me. If it even means something worse... " He looked at the chamber which held Tiffany in. Pelix sigh, " Dark doesn't know how tragic you will be if your in contact with your other self " Then he looked at the glass chamber which held Darkiplier, beaten and battered

He sipped from his black coffee ( like his soul ), and sigh again " To be honest..... I kinda pity his lack of intelligence...... Tthree months from now, Virus is going to vanish from plain existence and never to be remembered. Oh, how sad, he deserves that anyway...... It's just part of being a counter par, you know? That's why Felix was disappearing,I don't get why I'm reminding myself this bullshit...... Then again " He pushes using his palm against the counter and moving his swivel chair to his computer screen and looks at his little TV which was showing a black room with two figures in it " I don't understand why it doesn't work with them...... "


" AHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! " He screamed as the chains were slowly forcefully being pushed off his wrist, tears swell on the corners of his eyes. 689. That's how much he'd tried to push the chains off everyday, and everyday he'd pounder, waiting for something to take the chains off, so that he'd reach and get out of this black abyss of nothingness.

He stopped trying, and his legs weakened, he lamely dropped to his feet, sitting and hugging his knees, not only was it lonely and dark, but it was also cold, his black and blue hoodie did nothing to prevent the cold from coming in, he sigh. He was out of options. He had no life anymore, but something..... Always kept him going " Venturian............. " He spit the word out like poison.

And now he's just waiting for the chains to disappear. But that hardly happens, but he's to stubborn to believe that. His Blue and red eyes flashed, as he keyed there, his back against the floor now, just looking at the endless void around him. A void he'd call home. A void someone calls 9th dimension.

" Your seriously not going to forget about him, are you? " Asked a familiar voice. A red and purple eyes glowing in the darkness.

" I want him DEAD So that I could get out of this hell hole! Lucky for you, you don't have chains, Sora " Replied the figure

" Aww... I pity you, Ventore " Replied in sarcasm.

" I Can't believe I'm stuck here with you "

" Wouldn't you rather have some company instead of cursing Venturian all the time? "

" I hate you "

" Too "


" W-Who's there? " Jack asked hesitantly standing up slowly out of the coaster, he started to back away when he suddenly hit something, slowly looking up he saw two eyes glowing

" Hey! " An identical voice boomed in front of him, the voice was loud enough that the whole background of Jackie stuff turned to a hell hole. Everything was on fire. " Look who it is! "

" It's no other than Jackiebae of the potatoes! You look swell! " The voice suddenly bursts into a chaotic laugh. Jack sunk lower into his coster, a hard thumb was heard when his coster was hit at his left, Jack flinched and looked over his left a light shown on the wall beside him, a shadow of the only person he knew hated him this much, the one person he never wanted to see in real life, the one person who wants him dead because he has no sense of urgency to things like sleep.

" In Fact!! "Another thumb was heard, this time, Jack was standing on his two feet, the coster disappeared and suddenly he was taken by the collar of his shirt and pulled closer by him. " You look like you were having

Jack's eyes met with two big Red and Blue ones " Fun! "


This was not good. Death troopers were outside. Papa was mad--For whatever reason he got--and was trying to break down the door to the basement. The mysterious box was making all sorts of noises. Luckily, Spencer made some word barricade around the house that prevented

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