13. Gmod#3: It Is Your Destiny

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3rd person POV

" PewDarkPie " Herobrine said smirking as his arm rested on his throne's armrest " What a surprise, supreme leader... So what is it you ask? "

" Glad your not that hard to cooperate with Herobrine. I want to meet you at the Star Killer Base in |0400... I will explain everything from there " PewDarkPie tried to act as cool as possible, blowing away a strand of hair off his face " I will gather the other supreme leaders. Along with Ultron, Zalgo and Gmod Man "

" Will do your majesty " He chuckled " I feel there's gonna be a war. Shall I prepare my army? "

" There will be a war, make sure your army is available at anytime " PewDarkPie started getting very serious and smirked wide

" It will be done "

" Good " The Holo-thing shut off and Pelix did not waste time calling the other supreme (evil) leaders around the gaming world Zalgo,Palpatine,Gmod Man, the Glitch and Doctor Millicent


As Pelix puts both his feet up the table,he waited......

3rd person POV

" Tommy? " Jordan questioned

" Yeah, Tommy. Do... You know Tommy? " Johnny asked through his mask

" Know Tommy? We're friends with Tommy. Well mostly Jordan is, we've never actually seen Tommy or know what he is- " Isaac was interrupted by Jordan

" Tommy is a person, and he's my mentor. Along with Jup..... " Jordan started listing down names

" Okay,okay we get it " Jane said

" What relations do you have between Tommy? " Johnny asked

" I just it. He's my mentor. Bethany and the others don't know him. He can hide himself very well, you know " Jordan said

" Okay guys, can we just cut to the chase? " Cierra said " What's inside anyway? "

" Oh, mmhhh " Angelo pressed the control-shaped button and the box opened easily like it was brand new. Well, except for the cover that is looks like it was used as a soccer ball on the Galahad play ground. Angelo opened the the lid and was amazed on what he saw

" What is it? " Bethany asked

" There's just a bunch of ta- "

" Uhh, Guys? " Johnny looked back from the window

" What? " Johnny pointed back at the window and everyone peaked in as Angelo tried to squeeze in. Outside they saw Papa Acachalla with Gertrude and Mama PennyFeather with Germany talking to two Stormtroopers. And Spencer running up to Papa and whispering something and pointing at the window which their staring from, then suddenly another one came it was a girl about Spencer's age. It was Spain, she was whispering stuff to Germany. Germany turned around and his eyes widen. He looked back and whispered to Mama PennyFeather, She looked at Papa. Then the Stormtroopers looked up in a late timing and shouted ' ITS THEM! ' and started shooting aimlessly around, but before one of them aimed at Jordan's face and shoot. Mama and Papa punched them both in the helmet which fell off after landing on the pavement, unconscious, they both grabbed the Stormtroopers and dragged them into the nearest bush

" Oh uh " Jane said " Get your things! "

" We don't have things! Remember? " Isaac said

" Just go! To the attic and grab Mad and the others too! Bring the Box! " Jane and Isaac started carrying laptops. Angelo closed the lid to the mysterious box and ran out with the others. Once and Angelo was out, he heard the main door bang open oh crud! He thought as he ran up the attic stairs or ladder with the box tight in his hands. Miguel was still lying down on a cleaned out sofa.. Jane and Isaac catches up with Bethany, Cierra and Jordan

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