10. Inside We Go

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Sarah Foxxy: Baby Jane. Cause you know..... She's.... The... You know. Youngest... Right? Haha... he ... * sigh * so yeah whatever, took me three straight hours

------------------ today's annoying-relatable relations--------------------

" Why does teachers get angry at our mistakes? It's not like their the ones who are working hard to get a good grade! "

- Sarah Foxxy

" I know right?... And their also blaming us along with the other idiots in class. For 'not working hard enough you class-filled idiots!' I MEAN! I'm not an idiot! Your not an idiot! Jane's not an idiot! An-!... Wait, never mind. Your an idiot "

- GodlyDestroyer

Isaac POV

The Stormtroopers pushed as we walked down the many chambers, some of them represented Star Wars, some horror games, one I found disturbing is the one chamber that says: Stay out and Die later . It reminded me of a horror game we used to play, it's called The Seeker.

To be honest, I have no idea what has been happening for the past 10 hours in this game, neither do Bethany, Cierra and Jordan, but right now, I think this is my favorite one. Maybe I get to see Boba Fett.

I heard JORDAN and Fiona whispering to each other " HEY! Shut Up You Rebel Scum! " one of them shouted.

" We're not Rebels! And we're not Scums! " Bethany shouted at him, but then he dared to point his blaster at her face.

Sponge bob narrator voice: A few Hours later

We came upon a large room, there in front of us were Maxwell and A cowgirl, Who The Heck Is She?!

" Maxwell! " Miguel thundered.

" You know him? " I asked, he nodded stiffly.

" Oh A know Hem, A know Hem Very Well " he glared at Maxwell, and so did Jimmy, oh, did I mention that Jimmy tried to stab one of the Stormtroopers but accidentally bending his blade. I guess he doesn't know that they have strong armor, yet one shot from a blaster can already kill them.

" Miguel San Fonasher! What a Nace wey to enter OUR Domain! Captured by Simple Stormtroopers " He smirked and looked at me " Azaac " did he just say my name? In Spanish.

" Golly! Look what we got here Max. Little Janey Waney, the so called: Bast Shooter of the Fane East and Doom West, is gonna get punished for breaki'n the law? " The Cowgirl Looked at Jane and pinched her nose.

" Maxine! Didn't expect you to Come back from the Dead " she spat at her.

They both took out they're shotguns " Y'all can go naw, we got this handled " Maxine said, Stormtroopers saluted and walked away They went behind us and pushed us inside, Maxwell threw Fiona's sling bag at the corner along with other thing we brought. They forced us inside a cage, Tiny Box Tim was inside another cage with Sup Guy, Officer Maloney and Princeton Quagmire beside they're cage is Evil Sam. Freddie was inside a much bigger cage and slept there with Nevin, beside their cage was Evil Sally. Miguel, Jimmy, Johnny G, Toast, Ammie, Cawren, jannie, Cager, Teaser, Sally Betty Jessica and Darth Calculas was inside another cage guarded by two children with horns, Devils. Our cage was guarded by Virus Cry and Darkiplier.



" Okay, Dark, tell me what to do " I said has I pass by Stormtroopers.

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