9. Finding the Big-Nutshell Golden Brain

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What I think Jane looks like ( My Deviant art ) Terrible.Terrible lashes.

3rd person view

The friends scream as the monsters came closer and closer, until, Stefano saved the day, he draw his sword and slain all three amnesia's, The Big-Nutshell Golden Head saves the day, everyone stopped screaming except Isaac.

Why didn't they use the lightsabers you ask? They ran out of battery, so much for " anything can happen ".

" Friends! What a Gee Golly Way to Meet One Another! " Stefano exclaimed throwing his arms soaked in slime Fiona then Angelo, Jane and Johnny, Then at Bethany, Jordan, Isaac. ( R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. I know ).

" Umm... No thanks " Cierra says and gives out a hand, he gave a smiled and shakes it with both his crummy fried hands.

" Did he just say 'gee golly'? " Bethany asked to Jordan.

" That reminds me of an old, very old video " Cierra said holding back a laugh.

" Stefano, you think you have spare batteries? " Angelo asked.

" I don't know friend. But I'll start looking for it at my storage " He said and led them to a room, imagine a little girls tea party room, well Stefano wanted to see how it's like to turn amnesia to flying little wooden pixies land. In other words, it looks like terrible.

" Did he fix this place up? " Isaac asked Johnny, in reply he patted his head, and his chest, then bowed " What is that supposed to mean? ".

" In Chicago, that means " A LOENTE!!! " " He said and bowed again, his butt accidentally hitting angelo who was in front of Cierra, pushing him closer to her, their faces inches away.

" Tell me friend. How did you like the fresh corn I delivered to you, Umm? " Stefano smiled at Fiona, forcing her shoulders down for her to sit, he got seven more barrels and force push the others the same way.

" The corn? Uhh.... Yeah... Yeah, we enjoyed to late, since I requested it three months ago and it just arrived in Edwards bath tub yesterday " she said, as Stefano handed out the TEA, Fiona took a sip... From the TEA, but slowly was dripping from her mouth to the ground was the TEA, Angelo sat beside THE THIRD PERSON! THE THIRD PERSON WAS FACING ISAAC, WHERE SHE WAS THIRD PERSONLY BLOCKING THE LOVE BETWEEN THE BLUE HEADED DUESHBAG AND THE BROWN HEADED GEE GOLLY, WAFFLE EATER!!!

" Stefano, we really don't have the time right now.... So pls? Just open the barrel door for us? " Johnny Pleaded.

" What has happened to Darling? " Stefano asked.

" Who's Darling? " Bethany whispers to Cierra, Cierra in return shrugs her shoulders.

" Pewds...... Well, he um........ " Johnny looked at Bethany then at Fiona.

" She's KIDNAPPED!!... I mean He's! KIDNAPPED " Fiona said, whispering something to Jordan.

Jordan POV

Okay. I have no idea what is happening to us or me if I'm dreaming or not, what Fiona said made me think: We need to save them. Do me a favor and keep an eye on your sibs, I feel something bad is gonna happen. Were we in danger? Did Felix actually get kidnapped?

" DEAR! She's Kidnapped?! I Will Come With You To Your So Called 'Adventure' . And I Will Save My Dearest " Stefano Guy Stood up and wielded his golden sword in the air, we all stood up and I asked Fiona.

" How many hours left? ".

" um, 9 hours and 6 minutes ".

Time skip

" AHHHHHHH!!!!! HHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! " We shouted as The Walker chased us, we've past already 19 rooms, non of us made it out without a scratch or two, we only have three more minutes to save Pewds, Mark and Cry, we found out that PewDarkPie was behind this, along with some of our evil characters.

" ALMOST THERE!!!!!! JUST A FEW- " Johnny Ghost reached for the door, but was taken aback by The Scrum, it jumped in front of us and roar causing us to scream in pain.

" GOD MAKE IT STOP!! " finally it stopped, it growled as we stepped back, Jimmy jump in and tried to scare it but it didn't work, The Scrum pushed him back with its massive horns, it looked like a half goat and half reptile with a lion tail, it stumped its foot on the wooden floor, I could tell it getting ready to strike.

" I have a bad feeling about this " Toast whispered, The Scrum huffed and ran to us.

" STOOOOOOP!!! " Someone shouted, The Scrum looked up and whimpered as he went back through the hole he made, we quickly got up and ran, but not before seeing our savior for the 12th time, he had a cowboy hat blocking his face, he wore a vest under his up-sleeved shirt, brown pants and black boots a belt with a whip on it and a gun.

" Maxwell? " Isaac asked.

" MIGGY!!! " Fiona walked to the young man with open arms, my stomach heated a little and my head was slightly light and had the desire to stop Fiona from getting closer. Jealousy.

Fiona hugged him with a smile, the man hugged back and raised his hat, a smirk on his face, Fiona and this Miggy walked up to us " Hawdie, The names Miguel San Fonasher. But, please, call me Mig or Miggy ".

He sounds a lot like Maxwell, but, younger.... " Hi, Jane ".

" Johnny ".

" Angelo ".

" Isaac ".

" Bethany ".

" Cierra ".

" Johnny Ghost Paranormal Investigator Extraodinaire! ".

" Johnny Toast ".

" I'm Jimmy Casket! ".


I think I met my rival " Jordan " I shake his hand

" Golly, over 17 years of friendship and out of that only 11 years of seei'n each other, when we'd finally meet in a unexpected tame " Did he say tame? Or time? I could tell his from Texas.

" Are you from Texas? " I asked.

" No, but a grew up there... I'm a Filipino for Guds sek " he said and laughed.

" Um... Guys? We only have 1 minute LEFT!!! " Cierra yelled.

" If I may correct " Spencer said " All you Nerds are wrong..... We only have....... 5 SECONDS!!!! " He screamed and all of us ran to the door.

" 4! ".

We're near.

" 3! " .

Almost there.

" 2! ".

Wait what?!

It's, getting farther from us.

" Guys It's En Illusion!!! Just!!!! JUMP!!! " Miggy yelled, we jump into the door and.

" 1! ".

We landed on each other, as I analyze the room were in I noticed it is all black, the walls and the celling. All Black! We seem to knock out Johnny since he wouldn't wake up anymore, I help Fiona up " O-----Kay? ".

" Where are we? " Jimmy asked.

" Welcome Venturian, Immortalkiodi, Bethanyfrye, Homelessgomba to the BLACK MAMBA!!!.... And I would never forget my FAVEvoite People.... GodlyDestroyer, ChicaJane, KingAngeloFox and Dearest SarahFoxy.... Oh, how awful to hear that I need ALL OF YOU DEAD!!!...... ".

A light coming from one side revealed a door, Stormtroopers rushed in and made us put our hands behind our heads, one of them had to carry Johnny out, they pointed their blaster sat us as they lead us chamber by chamber, Fiona, Jane, Miggy, Isaac, and Angelo looked closely at the chambers numbers, I felt like they aren't telling me something.

" What are you doing? " I whispered.

" Try to remember each chambers number... It just might come in handy " .

To be continued

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