8. I Wish I Had Amnesia

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3rd person view

" WHAT DID YOU SAY?! " PewDarkPie yelled at Darkiplier, walking forward.

" Pewds, The.... The Combiner had To Be Dallied... Of Two.... Two Days.....I-I..... Virus. He. Uhh. Had..... " Dark moved backwards.

" Virus Has Full Control In That Operation. Right!? " He small viewed the screen and tried to locate Virus.

" Actually, Me and Virus Has Control... But.... " he was backed to a corner.

" BUT!!! HE ISNT HERE!!!!!! WHERE IS HE!!!! " He yelled lauder at him, Dark just eyed him " WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOINGHERE??!!! GO FIND HIM! AND TELL HIM TO FIX THE SHIT OF A PROBLEM!!! ".

" Right " He threw a pokeball At the floor and a portal appeared he jumped into it.


" Mad!!! " Virus yelled " Fucking Come Out Already! " the villagers thought of him as crazy, one villager went up to him.

" Popopopo,apapapapapopopo.popoipupoi " the Virus did not understand the villager, buthe knew that they thought he was crazy, he got angry and with no mercy a blue sword appeared and he sliced the head off the villager. The other villagers gasped at the dead bold-headless body of the priest villager. They all bramble about it to each other and they back away.

" Alright... " Virus tossed the head of the priest in the air and caught it " If all of you wont tell ME! Where Mad IS! THEN! I assure you all. You'll end up like our little friend here ".

They shivered, and shook their heads no " Po popopopo popopopopo. " they yelled silently.

" Right... He has a mask " The villagers nodded " He wears a green hoodie " They nod again " He is this tall He measures up to only my forehead " They nod " And... He wears red Nike shoes ".

Then suddenly he threw another head. It was the head of a blacksmith, they all wide eyed the head " So.... Saw him? " they all nodded fast " Where? ".

They all pointed at him. And he sigh in anger " Rgghhhaaaaa!!!! " He raged and readied his sword high in the air, he was about to kill a villager kid, when suddenly something stop him from doing it.

" Virus! Stop! " it was Darkiplier.

" The Fuck You Want! " He struggled to get free.

" Pewds! He needs you there now " He let him go " Your Dead Meat If You Won't Come With Me- " He was interrupted by Virus' sword in front of his face.

" I Fucking Know That! I Can't Go! That's Why I'm Looking For Mad So That He'll Take My Place " He walked into the village, villagers gathered together in one place, Virus who was curious heard screams " Nobody kills someone I'm supposed to kill ".

" Fucking Let Me Go!!! I'm Going To Kill All Of You!!! " He Knew that it was Mad, and ran to it and saw Mad tied to a log " Virus! Help Me! ".

( "0 _ 0 ) " Haha! You... Fucking Got Beat By.......hahaha! By Simple.....haha shit---ing Villagers!! Hahah!! " Virus and Dark laughed, then suddenly the rope that Mad was tied to burned setting him well, free. He tried strangle Virus, but a shield appeared by Dark.

Then something vibrated, Dark looked at the tablet he brought " WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU BOTH!!! I WANT YOU AND VIRUS HERE!!!! NOW!!!!OR ELSE!!!! " the tablet turned to the dust.

" Uhh..... Virus? We really need to go NOW " He held both Virus' shoulders and turned him around, but he stopped him.

" Fucking I Know That! I'm Not Stupid!... My Problem Is That I Can't Leave The Manor. Remember One Of Us Has To Stay, So.... " He dragged Mad who was busy killing.villagers.

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