7. The Three Little Monki

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Okay, before we start. I have just noticed right now when I read my other recent chapters.. Edwards girlfriend was Electra, right?.... Well, don't get the wrong idea that he has two. So to make it clear, let's just make it Jasmine..... Forget the Electra. It's useless now -poor Electra. She needs loving to -_-   - 👍👍👍😄

Mark P. POV

I woke up hours ago tied to a chair, so was Felix, but Ryan. He was still out cold " Mark!... Hey! ..... Mark!........Markimoo! " I heard Felix silently yell at me.

" What? " I asked.

" Cry.... He's waking up " he said, we both turn our heads to Ryan, he swayed his head a little and groaned, I could say, Cry needed a lot of attention, I really couldn't stop looking at his head and his side, it was bleeding badly, not like me and Felix.

Ryan slowly pulled his head up, and his mask was something I couldn't explain " Cry!..... Cry?.... Earth to Ryan?....... I think..... " I said.

" Cry.... " .

" Feli?-..... Felix?..... Sean? " Ryan asked, his mask fell with an instant, I gasped mentally, for the fact that he forgot my name.

" Bro, it's Mark... Sean's not here " I said, Ryan's forehead was dropping blood and he didn't have his glasses on, which clearly explains the 'cannot see in dark without my glasses'.

" Has anyone seen my glasses? " He asked.

" Dude! Are you not MORE Curious about your Fucking Blood Dropping Forehead?! " Felix silently yelled.

" My What? " He whispers back, that then he sees his mask and his eyes widen. His mask has three different designs or what I thing are designs. The one in the side was just like Virus Cry, the one in the other end was the normal Cry, but the one that was in the middle glowed from time to time and I could make out that it was slowly devouring the Virus Cry side. I didn't Shiting know what was happening, but one things for sure. Our bad sides has TAKEN us, just like from the movie TAKEN... They are TAKENING Us!

" Cry. Is there something wrong? " Felix asked.

" We need to fucking get out of here! " He said as he easily untied the ropes of his and ours.

" How come that's so easy for you? " I asked, yet as blind in night Ryan is, he also had a very hard time trying to find where the ropes are.

We opened the door and ran out, but Cry wasn't there so me and Felix came back. And Cry was on the floor searching for his glasses " I need my glasses " .

Felix helped him up " For Fucks sake! Use mine " I took out my glasses and gave it to him, we ran down empty halls as we did, Ryan kept his eye on his mask, which now the Virus side was almost devoured.

" Cry. Is there something wrong? " I just asked the same fucking question.

" Mad..... He's.......VIRUS!!!!! " Cry suddenly shouted out.

He's virus? What?

" Bro! Shut The Fuck Up! We'll get caught " We turned to the right and we stopped, there was a blonde kid holding Bengt, we knew who it was.

" Make a Break for it! " Felix yelled and we turned around but we were trapped, a girl with purple hair was also holding a Bengt. Not long were there soldiers, Clones from Star Wars, I was confused why was Luciusar and Luciupie here, along with Clones... But most of all..... WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING UNCONSCIOUS ON A CHAIR AND WHY WAS RYAN SO PISSED ABOUT HIS MASK GETTING PAINTED.... WHY NOT BE PISSED AT THESE SOLDIERS!!!! THEY TIED OUR HANDS SO TIGHT!!!! AND MY BACK IS SO ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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