6. Fifty eighth Victim...And Wedding?! Part 2

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3rd person view

" Four more days..... Before the end... " PewDarkPie murmured to himself as he sat on his throne, then a servant went inside.

" Sir. The creatures are ready for fighting.... When are we going to strike Sir? " the servant said, Pewds stood from his throne as the servant lead him into a room. The room was an empty black room that seems to be endless.

" Is this the new torture room? " someone came behind Pewds and laid an elbow on his shoulder, it was Virus Cry. His blue eyes glowed, and digits can be seen moving like a program, his half torn mask was fierce, but not as fierce as his Brothers, He wore a blue t-shirt under his green hoodie. His sleeves were up With jeans Pewds nodded.

" And When are We Going To Get... Mad? " He asked again.

" Don't worry About It Cry... If We're Going To Find Mad... Then We Need To Find Him First~ " Pewds ordered the servant to check on The Adventure Gaming Crew " And The Only Person Who Knows More About The World Of Games... And Has A lot Of Secrets Hidden To The Naked Eye " The Screen Showed Sarah with the crew making a video, the screen zoomed at Sarah.

" SarahFoxy..... " Pewds Grinned then laughed evilly.

" DADDY!!! LUCIUPIE WONT GIVE ME BENGT!!!!! " Luciusar cried from outside the room, Pewds stopped laughing and gave an annoyed face, Virus laughed.

" Kids... " Poods mumbled.

" I'll Take Care Of Them " Virus Cry said in his half Ryan and half robotic voice, he walked out the room, and when no one was there, Pewds took out a.......


3rd person view

Sarah walked out of the grocery store with a paper bag. Jasmine was there talking to a guy, she smirked in her mind.

Let the games begin....

She walked up to them " Jasmine, let's go! " She said. Jasmine looked at Fiona to guy, she gave him something, a paper.

Oh! Look! Death Paper! Well.... Your wish will soon be granted!

She shoved her hand in her pocket, and felt a paper, she smiled " Hay Jas, wanna see where me Ed used to play?... I haven't been there in a while " She begged her, Jasmine looked behind her and saw there girls from before. Julie, Claire and Maya, they winked at her and followed them from behind.

" Sure... I would love to see my boyfriend's old play grounds " She said, they walked for an hour and came to a stop, Sarah sat down on a fallen tree, she smiled at Jasmine as the woods gave shining beautiful light through the forest, Jasmine smiled back. The three girls came out and walked silently towards her. Sarah's smile slowly faded.

Well, get ready for your ass to get kicked Fiona..... Cause This is gonna end with tears. LITERALLY!

Suddenly Claire grabbed a hold of Fiona neck and tried to strangle her, Julie made a cut over her wrist and Maya punched her in the stomach, she gave seven more punches before Julie and Maya grabbed both arms while Claire whispered something in Jasmines ear, she ran out the woods to get something... While Jasmine slowly clapped her hand and walked closer to Fiona who was spitting out blood with a shaking wounded wrist.

Fiona breathe heavily.. And managed to survive, She looked up at her green eye with her sinister red ones " W..... H....... Y......? " she said.

" With you out of the way..... I will be happy... With All the money that your stupid parents have I can buy whatever I want.... Me and Ed will Never Be Happy..... Only Me!!! " She yelled as she widen the gap at her wrist, tears didn't stream. But A Yell can be heard.

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