5. First Victim... And Wedding?!

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Warning: expect too many ( maybe ) Time Skips

Warning: expect foul languages ( just like the other one )

3rd Person View

A man went inside a dim room, a person stood in front of a large screen, the man closed the door behind him and went up to the Man.

" Sir. More People Are Getting Killed at Ohio Sir.... Is it not best we take them in right now while there's still time?... "  the man asked. There at the screen was a video of The A.G and The V.T hanging out.

" No... Not yet, we have to wait... The Machine is not yet stable- " the man was interrupted by the door bang open.

" PEWDS!!... The Machine!!.... It's Shaking!! " Yelled a boy with horns out of his blonde hair, in his hands was a ball with red stripes. The man turned and a Bro Fist was imprinted on his shirt.

" Luciupie! What Happened?! " The Man A.K.A Pewdiepie rushed out the door " Darkiplier... Find Those Imbeciles.... Ayesha... King... John Paul... Jessica.... Bring them to my Office " Pewds voice darken, as Darkiplier nodded and walked out.

Pewds walked angrily down the hall, with a tired Luciupie trying to catch up with his master " The Machines alarm went off.... And.... And the Ferm.... It was lose " Pewds opened a room and workers run wild inside. Pewdiepie and Luciupie walked through a bunch of people until they come to another room... This room there was a large ball turning the color red. Inside the ball was an orb. In the room was six people. One was a ghost-like Mexican guy with a hat, he looked like a western person. Another was just like him except without the hat and her hair was let down. Another was two 15 year olds that has this devilish features, the boy wore a blue jacket and a matching white t-shirt that has an operator symbol on it, the girl ore a pink turtle neck jacket and headband, that keeps her puffy brown hair. One has a mask, a poker face mask. But the a sinister smile was placed on where it's lined mouth should be, he wore a green jacket with its sleeves up with jeans, and one that looked a lot like Luciupie except that it was a girl, she wore a black tuxedo-kind-of- dress, she held the same ball Luciupie was holding.

" Maxwell.... What happened to the Dissimbulator? " Pewds asked.

" The damn nob wouldn't- " The cow girl said in her Mexican voice but was interrupted.

"... It won't budge.... Worst than that- " The cow boy was cut off.

" Sally ate the small platform that she thought was waffles.... Luciusar here, wedged off the Screw to the Ferm.... But, she put it back " The twin-like Sally said.

" I'm Sorry Daddy..... " Luciusar murmured, Pewdiepie rubbed his head frustratedly, with that the red glow from the large ball turned white and the orb inside turned red.

" Your telling... Me?! It was a false alarm?! " Pewdiepie made a low growl " Meet me in the office!.. All of you! " he yelled, Luciusar had her ears covered. They all followed the command.

Inside the office sat Darkiplier, Virus Cry, King, Ayesha, Jessica, John Paul, Maxwell,Maxine, Sally, Sam, Luciupie, Luciusar and Pewdiepie......

Everyone was sitted, but not Pewdiepie " So... Pewdiepie... What do you intend to do once the Machine is done recharging? " Darkiplier asked.

" We fire straight ahead at GameTopia... Then at EmeraldLand... Last at Ventopia " Pewds showed a map of three cities.

" And what about SarahFoxy? Ain't she gonna be'er when it' appends?..... Also that Venturian Guy. And his siblings... They'd  also be'er for they're  kingdom too ya'now?.... So will that Miguel, his Emerald city is more precious than the time that guy gets some sleep "  Maxwell said. A smirk grew on Pewdiepie's face.

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