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[These are my own original characters, I do not own the rights to Harry Potter]

Lucinda 'Linda' Donna Fonney

Lucinda has a pale, creamy complexion, and blond hair that almost seems white. Her eyes are both different shades of green. Her left is a clear, gleaming Emerald colour, while the other is a Leaf Green. She has high cheekbones, a heart shaped face, plump lips, and straight white teeth.

House- Ravenclaw

Siblings- Misty Fonney (Muggle, 6)

Parents- Katherine Fonney (Muggle, Mother, Green-Grocer)

              Matthew Fonney (Muggle, Father, Postman)

Status- Muggle-Born

Arabella befriends Lucinda, when she defends Lucinda from Draco Malfoy, who calls her a Mudblood, meaning Dirty Blood. Her hair is always up in a messy bun. She is quiet, and shy, and loyal, and speaks up when spoken too.

Emma 'Em' Somerhalder

Emma has a tanned complexion and Chocolate Brown/Black hair. She has almond shaped eyes, that are Hazel. Her lips are plump and pink, her eyebrows are arched, and her nose is button-shaped.

House- Hufflepuff

Siblings- None

Parents- Alexander Somerhalder (Wizard, Father)

              Crystal Somerhalder (Muggle, Mother, Deceased)

Status- Half-Blood

Lucinda and Emma are partners in Transfiguration, and soon bond over a shared love of Muggle books, both having muggle parentage.  Lucinda then introduces Emma to Arabella. Emma is friendly and joyful. Her hair is always down, and curled/wavy.

Imelda Dreamer

Imelda has a fair skinned complexion and Brown, straight hair, which is naturally curly. She has Chocolate Brown eyes, high cheekbones, an Oval shaped face and a turned up nose. Most boys stop at her looks, and she treasures this.

House- Slytherin

Siblings- Bonnie Dreamer (Witch, twin)

Parents- Esther Dreamer (Witch, Mother)

              Edward Dreamer (Wizard, Father)

Status- Pure-Blood

When Imelda gets in a fight with Draco Malfoy, the rest of Slytherin house abandons her. Her twin sister, Bonnie, who was sorted into Gryffindor, accepts her in, as does the rest of Gryffindor house. She soon befriends Arabella, and the houses 'Unite'. Imelda is six minutes older than Bonnie, and is Bossy, Loud, Outspoken and Headstrong.

Bonnie Dreamer

Bonnie has a fair skinned complexion and Brown, curly hair, that's always up in a ponytail. She has Chocolate Brown eyes, that are enlarged by her thick rimmed glasses. She has high cheekbones, freckles on her turned up nose. Imelda and Bonnie are Identical twins.

House- Gryffindor

Siblings- Imelda Dreamer (Witch, Twin)

Parents- Esther Dreamer (Witch, Mother)

              Edward Dreamer (Wizard, Father)

Status- Pure-Blood

Bonnie accepts Imelda when her house turns against her. She introduces Arabella to Imelda, and Imelda befriends her. Arabella then introduces Imelda to Emma and Lucinda, and they all become best friends, uniting all the houses. She is the youngest twin by six minutes, and is very shy.

Marcus Foster

Marcus has fair skin, and short, brown hair, with a slight fringe. He has green eyes, that could be described as a Vibrant Leafy Green. He has a flat nose, slightly long and pointed at the end, plump lips for a boy, and high cheekbones with a set jaw.

House- Ravenclaw

Siblings- Murray Foster (Wizard, 9)

                 Melanie Foster (Witch, 6)

Parents- Jonathan Foster (Wizard, Father, Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office)

                 Jasmine Foster (Witch, Mother, Healer)

Status- Half-Blood

Marcus is childhood friends with Lucinda, having lived on the same street as her his whole life. The pair grew up together, growing closer day by day. When both were invited to Hogwarts, Marcus took it upon himself to tell Lucinda everything about the Wizarding World, that his father had told him. Feelings soon develop when both are sorted into Ravenclaw

[These are all my own characters, that I took the time to make. None of them will be perfect, as that was what J.K Rowling was aiming for. A story with a bunch of Mary-Sues would be cliche and slightly boring. These characters will be introduced soon enough, I'm sorry I haven't updated this, I'm in the middle of a fight between my mum and dad. And honestly, it's taking a massive toll on me. I've had an emotional snap once, and to be quite frank, I'm quite close to another one. I'll try and update one of my stories today, but the connection here at my grans house is really bad. If I move from the spot that I'm sitting in, then I'll lose the connection.]

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