30.Kidnapped/Save me/Let the fun begin!

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(Layla's Pov)

I was getting dressed because me and Chris are going food shopping. I put on my outfit (On top) put some makeup, straightened my hair and grabbed my Timberland's and bag and went downstairs Chris got up and we went to the car the whole ride we were making jokes, singing and stuff like that we finally made it to the store we both entered Chris got the cart we were putting the stuff we needed in the cart while we were at the cashier i forgot eggs i told Chris i will go get them fast i ran to the egg section after i felt someone was behind me i turned around and saw Derek he put this white rag in front of my nose i tried not to breath but failed and blacked out.

(Chris's Pov)

i was waiting for Layla at the cashier but she didn't come back i was getting worried something happened to her i went to the egg section but she wasn't there i saw a phone on the ground i went up and looked at it. it was layla's phone i looked around the whole store and she wasn't there. i felt a vibration in my pocket i took it out and it was a text from Derek

Derek: No need to look for her Chris i told you i will find away to get her and i can't wait to touch her body oh i'm gonna make her feel so good she is gonna scream my name in pleasure Goodbye Chris!

Chris: Don't you F*cking touch her. You lay one finger on her i will break it.

Derek: Good luck trying to find us!

i need to find her. I need someones help and i know the right person


(Layla's Pov)

I woke up with my hands and legs tied i was in a dark room the only thing i remember is i was getting some eggs and Oh God No! Derek that physico.

Layla: Help Help! Someone please help me! I heard a door open and the lights turned on i see the physico coming towards me.

Derek: Finally your awake.

Layla: Leave me alone you creep let me go!

Derek: I wish i can but I'm not done with you. he bent down to my level.

Derek: so baby where do i start touching you!

Layla: Don't touch me you nasty perv. with that i spit in his face

Derek: you shouldn't have done that. after saying that he slapped me i can feel my cheek stinging it hurts like a b*tch.

Derek: shall we call chris? But don't make a noise!

Derek picked up his phone and dialed he put it on speaker *ring*

Chris: I swear to god Derek if you lay on finger on her i will kill you!

Derek: Oh no chris i already did and i gave her so much pleasure I love how she screams my name.

Layla: Chris he is lying the only thing he did was slap me! Chris SAVE ME PLEASE!

Derek: Shut up! he slapped me again.

Chris: did you just f*cking slap her! what kind of man slaps a woman?! just watch your back Derek you do not know what coming for you!

Layla: Chris PLEASE HELP ME! i cried.

Chris: Layla calm down i will.

Derek: ENOUGH! he declined the call and looked at me then slapped me on both cheeks

Derek: Let the fun begin! he smirked evilly

(Chris's Pov)

I told Crawford everything i was going crazy right now i didn't know what to do Derek called and i heard her scream on the phone which made me more worried i don't know what to do God please help me

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