Chapter 1

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"Ross! Ross!" I shouted after him. He ignored me and continued to walk rapidly. "Wait! Please!" I say taking off my shoes and running after him. "No. Screw you!" He shouted and continued to walk. Just as he was about to get into his car, I pulled his arm and made him look at me. "It wasn't what you think it was! I would never do that to you! Ever!" I said wiping the tears rolling down my face. "Of course you wouldn't. Because you love me right? If you love me, you'd let me go." He said. I gasped.

"W-what?" I asked nearly falling onto my knees. The air in my lungs knocked right out of me. "Ross please...." I sobbed. "You slept with him. I could never forgive you." He said. "But that's not what happened! And I did not sleep with him!" I shouted at him. "Right. Right. You were talking to him with your clothes off. Fuck you. And go fuck yourself." He spit. "Ross..." I gasped trying to get circulation in my brain and air back into my lungs. "I'm out of here. If it wasn't clear enough, we're done!" He marched away and not looking back even for a second.

"Hi honey! How was dinner?" My mom's cheery voice asked me. I ignored her and went straight up to my room slamming the door shut and laying onto my bed. The tears would not stop. I could bearly see anymore. My heart had been shattered. The only thing I ever cared about, slipped right through the tips of my fingers. My ears clogged up and all I could hear was the beating of my heart slowing down. I pushed my face into the pillow and cried myself to sleep. I'm never gonna get over this.

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