New Girl

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Hailey's POV

"Maybe you should just stop talking about people. Try being nice." Kylie said closing her locker. I looked at her squinting my eyes.

"I like you've dyed your hair to many times babe." I said looking back at my phone laughing. Kylie sighed and rolled her eyes. "Whatever Hailey. I'm going to class." She said.

"Hey Kylie...Or bye." Justin said bumping into Kylie. "Don't worry about her. She's mad because her girl crush won't even look at her." I said chuckling. "Why? And she's gay?" Justin asked.

"I was talking about her and Kylie laughed and she thought she was laughing at me so she got upset because she actually liked Kylie back." I said. "And yeah she's bisexual." I said. Justin raised his eyebrows and nodded.

"Come on babe walk me to class." I said smiling. He smiled and grabbed my waist. Me and Justin are kind of goals. We walked to my algebra class which I actually have with him and Kylie.

Everyone was talking and on their phone because today was a free day. "Yo Hailey! That party still on?" Chris yelled from across the room. "Hell yeah." I said smiling widely. The whole classes said 'yeahh'.

"Class settle down. We have a new student." The principal said walking in. "Come on in Miss Y/L/N." He said. This pretty ass black girl walked in. She has on heels and a crop too with a tight ass skirt. (A/N: Only the outfit is in the MM not the girl.) This is my type of squad.

"Show Y/N here a good time. I don't want her having any trouble." He said walking out. "Miss Y/L/N say something about yourself." Mrs.Wood said.

"Hi I'm Y/N and I just moved here Las Vegas. I don't dress like this everyday." She said in her perky voice. "Damn!" A boy from the back said. When I looked back I seen Kylie practically drooling over her. "You can sit next to MrBieber. Behave Bieber." MrsWood said.

Wait did she just put her next to my man? Hold the fuck up. I looked back at Justin. Nigga was looking at her ass biting his lip and smirking. My eyes widened and I turned back around.

"My boy Justin. Don't take the L for her." Logan said. "What you mean man?" Justin said. "I mean Hailey gon beat the fuck outta you." Logan said laughing. "Damn right." I said looking back at him. Justin smacked his teeth shaking his head.

This white boy fine as fuck. But that ugly dog looking ass white wanna be black girl keep watching him. Must be his girl. "Damn right." The girl said turning around. She scoffed at the boy and turned around.

"What are we suppose to be doing?" I asked the white boy. He looked up from his phone at me and smirked. "Giving me head." He said sitting back in his sit.

My top lip automatically lifted. "Ha nigga you thought." I said flipping my hair. He bucked up at me. "Man try me." He said. I looked back at him. "Tried." I said.

He nodded smiling while sitting back in his chair again. "I got you after class." He said biting his lip. I rolled my eyes pulling out my phone.

Gorl the finest white boy already flirting with me.

Girl who? Send a picture.

Bitch how? I ain't fenna snap no pic of him.

Damn man get close to him so I can see him.

Bih bye. I'm switching classes.

Bye baby. Text later. 💞

I put my phone up and grabbed my stuff walking out of class. I was almost the last person out when I felt someone grab a hand full of my ass. I gasped spinning around. It was that smirking ass white boy.

"What the hell?" I said. "Told you I got you babe. Give me your snapchat name though." He said standing in front of me. "Why? I don't even know your name." I said. "So you can snapchat me that pussy. And my name Justin." He said smiling that cute ass smile.

I shook my head walking away. He grabbed my wrist pulling me back. "Why you being this way?" He asked. "Because I don't send nudes and you got a girl." I said. He smacked his teeth.

"Man I ain't know we was moving that fast." He said grabbing my waist and pulling me closer. "We ain't. Bye boy." I said pulling away from him and walking out of the class. "Look at that ass bounce." He yelled to me.

I shook my head laughing. He one cute ass white boy.

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