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All the readers who have commented and voted so far, I want to personally thank  you. Because of you I AM HIS  in the 1.7K mark! You all are amazing, and I hope you all continue to read and enjoy my work!

Here I will list out all of Mon Amies that have so far commented, voted and added I  A M  H I S  to their Reading List:

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... And everyone else who read and voted on this book!

Abby and Brittany and your Petit Mademoiselle (starseedslight) wish you all happiness in anywhere you can find it. Whether it be love, or acceptance, or friendship.

We wish you the best of luck in fighting for it! 

E D I T  |  O.M.G. guys you are so awesome! You got this book at 2K!!! *blows kisses* You lovely beautiful people you! (^▽^) By the way, this is me Naomi, staying up at 10:50 because I have no life, and I love writing, lol (I also have an essay due tomorrow... so guess who is not sleeping tonight... This girl!) *screams internally eternally*

(don't be a loser like me guys... Sleep, it's good for your health! XD)

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