Chapter Thirty One

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Charlie was surprised to wake up one morning and find Anora still in bed sound asleep. She was curled up in a ball with the majority of the covers wrapped around her, and Iggy nestled into her back. Considering it a rare occasion, Charlie arose from the bed carefully, hoping not to disturb. He moved slowly and left her resting as he left to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

When he went to put his boots up a little while later, Anora was still asleep adding some concern to his mind. He tiptoed over to the bed side and crouched down to the bed. He placed the back of his hand to her forehead and found that she was burning up. He frowned at the feverish feel and arose to get someone to check Anora out.

Slipping his feet into his boots, he left the home in a hurry and made his way to the cabin on the other side of the sanctuary. Sebastian LeBlanc, was the onsite healer, normally treating burns and occasionally assisted in treating some wounds on dragons. Charlie hoped he was at the sanctuary that day, or else he would have to call Nicola in and he was sure that Anora did not want Nicola tending to her while sick.

He leaped up the steps and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Sebastian called.

"Thank goodness." Charlie sighed in relief as he opened the door.

The thick black hair man with a mustache to match greeted him as soon as he walked in.

"Are you alright?" was his first question, the one he asked to any sanctuary worker coming in.

"I'm fine, no burns. Well, no new ones."

"What can I help you with? Does a dragon need anything?"

"No, actually, it's Anora."

Sebastian lifted a brow, his mustache twitching due to his movements.

"What's wrong with Anora, I saw her skipping around yesterday in the rain with Roscoe and...oooh.."

"She's pretty sick, I checked her temperature and she's warmer than a dragon's egg."

"That's not good. I suppose that is the consequences of fooling around in the rain." Sebastian frowned. "Well, I'll be right over to check on her...while I have you here, how are your burns healing?"

"I think they are almost fully healed." Charlie said lifting the leg of his pants. Norberta had decided to greet him the other day by attacking him, only to be pinned down by Roscoe causing an uproar in the sanctuary that afternoon.

Charlie was glad to see that Roscoe had bonded enough to actually consider protecting him from another dragon, but Norberta seemed to continuously get more and more aggressive as time went on with her at the sanctuary.

It didn't help the fact that Anora was set on sharing a bond with the female dragon, probably seeing Norberta as a younger version of the late Nan. He knew she missed the dragon terribly and was trying to fill in the empty void, even if it was with the most aggressive dragon in the sanctuary.

Charlie glanced down at his leg to see what had been his charred skin the other day was only slightly pink in color.

"Oh that's healing nicely." Sebastian said taking a closer look. "Good..very good."

He grabbed his bag and turned back to Charlie.

"Lead the way."

The two men left the cabin and traveled back to the home, when they returned, Anora was finally awake, but only sitting up in the bed holding her head.

"Hey you're awake." Charlie said softly walking over to her. He knelt down in front of her, resting his hands on her knees. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel how I look." she told him. "Like utter shite."

Charlie chuckled. "You don't look like shite, you never could even at your worse."

She gave him a faint smile.

"I brought Sebastian with me to check you out."

"Hello Anora!" Sebastian greeted her loudly causing her to flinch. "Oops sorry...hello Anora." he whispered.

"Hey Sebastian." Anora said.

"I heard you aren't feeling very well right now...running a fever?"

"I feel like I'm on fire but then at the same time I'm cold."

Charlie left the room to give Anora and the healer some privacy. He poured himself a cup of coffee to keep himself awake for the day. Anora was sick but even during her sick days, she would fight to go work and he knew he was going to have to fight her to keep her in bed.

As Sebastian exited the room a short while later he confirmed what Charlie already knew, Anora was suffering from a rather nasty cold and needed to rest and take the medicine that Sebastian had left her with.

"Keep her in bed." Sebastian told him. "Or at least try."

Charlie nodded and bid the man a good day after thanking him.

Returning to the room, he found Anora rummaging through her clothes.

"What in the world are you doing?" he asked her.

"I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to wear today."

"Nothing." Charlie told her.

"Well, that was forward." she giggled.

"No, I.." Charlie squeezed his eyes shut as his ears turned red. "I meant, you're staying in your pajamas because you're staying in bed."

Anora frowned. "But I don't want to stay in bed."

"That's too bad. You're sick and you need rest."


"Not butts...bed!" he pointed his finger to the bed.

Anora pouted as she dragged her feet and plopped down onto the bed crossing her arms in frustration.

"I don't like this." she informed him.

"I'm not asking you to. I just want you to get better." he said.

Keeping Anora from going stir crazy in the cabin was a full time job that day as she continuously tried to get out of the bed, but each time she was stopped and redirected back to the bed.

The final time, Charlie held her down on the mattress in his arms so she would refrain from moving.

"If you can't stay still on your own, you leave me with no choice."

She squirmed for a bit under his hold but eventually gave up with a frustrated sigh.

"Huff all you want, you need your rest." he said placing his chin on the top of her head. "Now sleep."

"I can't sleep."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not tired! Duh."

Charlie rolled his eyes before running his hands through her hair in attempts to soothe her to sleep. He remained quietly listening to the sounds of her breathing become slower and slower as time passed. Eventually, he felt her body go completely limp as sleep overcame her.

"You are a piece of work."

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