Lexi's POV.

''Hello darlin, I wasn't expecting you two here today'' Liza said with a small smile.

''I got better things to do'' Hector said coldly.

Whole this plane and car ride he didn't said a word to me, he looked mad all the time. I can't help but wonder what is bothering him. Don't take that like I have feelings for him because I don't, the only feeling I feel for him is hate, nothing else.

''Well.. Thats good because today is Xavier's birthday and Im sure he'll be happy when he hear that you both are here'' Liza said in an excited tone.

''She is not coming'' Hector said sternly. I looked at him, here we go again.

''Why is that?'' He doesn't waste no time to annoy me.

''I don't want you to come''

''I'll come for Xavier, he is my friend'' he was about to say something but Liza cut in

'She is coming Hector so stop fighting and started to get ready for the party, both of you''

Well.. tonight is gonna be so much fun.

3 hours later..

This party is awesome, I haven't been at a party like this before. There is boy and girl strippers everywhere. Drinks are great and everybody is having so much fun. Im sitting on the bar, drinking red wine all alone. My psyco husband is sitting somewhere with his friends and I decided that I'll be fine by my own. I don't like his friends.

''I want vodka and a red wine for the pretty girl over here'' A guy with blond hair smiled cheekly at me.

''Thanks'' I said looking away from him.

''Im Dan by the way, and you are?''

''Alexis'' I told him with a small smile.

''Alexis, Its a pretty name for a pretty lady. Why are you here all alone?'' He took a sip from his drink.

''Who said I was alone?''

''Well I can't see no one around you, that means you are alone'' He came closer to me. ''And Im glad that you are alone''

I just smiled at him, when I was about to leave, he took my hand and sat me down on the chair.

''I want to buy you one more drink'' When I was about to complain ''I don't take no as an answer''

''Fine'' I gave up on figthing. One more drink wouldn't hurt.

Someone hugged me from behind and kissed my neck, I froze in my place, afraid to move. He pulled his head back and looked drectly at Dan.

''Dan, I haven't seen you for awhile. What are you doing here?'' He spoke coldly, I can that say he was beyond angry.

''Hector, I was just walking by man'' Dan smirked at Hector.

''I see you've met my wife'' Dan's eyes widen in both shock and fear.

''I didn't knew, man''

''Get the fuck out'' I jumped silently at the tone of his voice. Hector turned me around so now I was facing him.

''Why were you so close to him'' He was trying to sound calm

''We were just talking, its not a big deal''

''It is a big deal'' He whisper-yelled at me. I flinched at his tone. He took me by my waist and dragged me into the crown.

''What the hell are you doing?'' I asked him while he turned my body around so now my back is facing his front.