[Max's Point Of View...]

               I watched Colin with hunger in my eyes, why did he look so irresistible today? Was it the fact that he strode around shirtless, his lean muscles ticking at my hormones? Or is he just naturally that effective?

               The last two weeks were very intense for us, people knew that we were going out and some didn't really like it. They can't do shit about it though, so we win. People aren't allowed to discriminate others as long as they are in the camp. That's some good rule. Guess who made it? Payne.

               Apparently, he wasn't lying when he said he owns the camp. He actually owns it! He is the boss but the dad is just below him in rank. They both pretty much own it but Payne is the one that makes the decisions, he's the one that gets the money, he's the God of Camp StrongHeart.

               Sadly, he didn't get to pick the name of the camp. StrongHeart isn't something he would do. Maybe StabbingAHeart would work better for him, but then no one would come to this camp to get their hearts stabbed by an emo dude.

               Payne seems to be pretty wealthy as it is, he's a dancer - Which is very shocking - and he owns his own business. Now, why the heck am I thinking about Payne again? Oh right, he's our f*cking counselor for the camping trip. We're all going in groups, and each group has one counselor, luckily - Note my sarcasm - we have Payne.

               I sighed and threw on my backpack over my shoulder.

               I glanced at Colin who was trying to seduce me by eating a banana. It didn't really work. Why would I get turned on by getting my own banana eaten? That's painful, not exciting. But it's Colin, and he did try to turn me on by eating a pizza. Silly Colin...

               "Not working." I told him.

               He scoffed. "It works for me!"

               I grabbed his backpack from his bed and walked outside. We're supposed to meet the other group near the lake so we can start walking towards the camping area. Which pretty much is anywhere that has trees. 

               I'm not actually all that excited to be in the woods and get dirty. But it's just for a whole day and Colin really wants to do it because it brings him back memories. He's the nature guy, I'm the stay indoors guy.

               "I hope we meet a bear, I have so many questions."

               "You want to ask a bear questions?" I raised a brow.

               He nodded. "Like what kind of fishes do they like."



               I opened my mouth but closed it back. No, I can't say that to him. It's an insult to his intelligence. He looked at me, waiting for an answer with big curious eyes. Ugh.

               "I love you." I mumbled.

               "I love you too." He chuckled.