Chapter 3

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Zachary looked up as Brent entered his private room, beaming. “You ready?” the host asked with the camera behind him.

He smiled as he placed down the magazine he was reading and nodded, “I guess so.”

“So, before we let the ladies in to have a little time with you, let me ask you one question first.”

Zach smirked and leaned back against the leather sofa, his arms folded under his head, “Shoot.”

“What made you decide to become the next Bachelor?”

“Well, you all know, the public know, that I have been straying my way for fun,” he paused as Brent nodded with a chuckle, “I don’t know, I think I just woke up one day  thinking, ‘Hey, I’m done.’ So here I am, hoping to find the woman who can make me fall on my knees.” Zach wanted to gag out the words he just said. But the camera was obviously on a roll and the whole world was watching—probably along with his parents—and he wouldn’t want to go home to nothing. If being a Bachelor meant going all cheesy in front of the camera, he would gladly do it. I’ll have my laugh at the end, he promised himself.

“Wow, such a big step right there, Zach,” Brent said, taking a step back. “We have left something for you to watch so you can know the ladies a little bit before you actually get the time to meet them. Enjoy and good luck.”

“Thanks, man,” he smiled and looked for the remote.

“The tape’s already in there, Mr. Astor. You just push play,” the camera man left behind to shoot him while he watched whatever video was in stored for him said.

“Okay,” he nodded and played the tape.

It was a compilation video of all the women, their faces focused on the screen with their names, occupation, and age. First off was a blonde girl named Chloe with eyes as blue as the ocean beneath them—and definitely his type. “Hi, my name is Chloe. I’m twenty-three, an accountant. I joined The Bachelor in hope of finding love, fun, and more fun.” Zachary smiled inwardly. Ah, yes, fun was all he was and this lady would definitely get it as long as it lasted. Another blonde one appeared after Chloe, this one pretty much the same much to Zach’s pleasure. “Hi, my name is Hanna and I’m twenty-eight, a nurse and a good lover.” Zach chuckled.

This is going to be fun, he thought as he watched on. He was all praises to the crew and staff of The Bachelor for bringing him all these women of different beauties and personalities—some of whom might be too stupid or naïve for his taste—for him to have fun with. There was another woman pretty much the same as Chloe and Hanna named Vivienne, and then there was Brenda, Pauline, Karen, Jill, Stella, Sally, Jenny, Kim, and Penny so far. He had been having too much fun watching the videos that he did not bother to check the time. He doubted if he could remember all the names after though, considering he was not the type to remember women’s name after he spent one night with them.

But when the screen turned black and another video began, he started to frown. Right in front of him, blindly staring ahead and looking uncomfortable was the first woman who really caught his attention because her appearance made him curious as hell. He knew women adored their make-ups, but this one obviously didn’t. And her brown waves of hair were everywhere and it appeared like she was in a hurry and did not bother to brush it. “Why did you join?” Zach heard someone not included in the scene asked.

Zach even got more curious. Every video he saw—from Chloe to the last one—started smoothly with them saying their names and so on, but this one looked like it underwent a lot of cuts.

“To explore my curious side,” the brown-haired beauty answered dryly. Zach’s eyes flickered on the lower left of the screen to read her name. Julianne, 25, writer. Then there was that cut again and he wondered why no one bothered to edit the film smoothly like every else’s. “I’m a writer—pen name not possible for public to know by the way—and I’m twenty-five years old, single, American—” and there was that cut again. Zach looked at the camera man standing just beside the screen he was staring with an amused look.

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