Chapter 13

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Rose is going to sing Fix you by Coldplay -> Song on the side!


~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 13

Rose's POV

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Honestly! I have no idea!" he says awkwardly.

What is going on here?

Wait a minute...

"I think they set us up!" I jump up and walk to door.

"MAURA? WHAT KIND OF PLAN DID YOU CAME UP WITH NOW?" I scream trough the wall.

"You and Harry have to talk and this is in our opinion the only way!" Zayn answers.

"Zayn? Why are you doing this to me?" Harry stands beside me.

"Yeah Maura! Why are you doing this to me?" I ask.

"We're only going to open this door when you guys solved your problems with each other!"

Ahh I can just hear them grinning.

I sit down, leaning my back against the wall.

Harry does the same only at the opposite of the room.

He gives me a look, his eyes full of different emotions.

This is going to take really really long!


Harry's POV

I didn't knew you could feel so many emotions at the same time.

Far far far away I still hate her. But I do think I like her. Or maybe not.

I don't know...

What a great idea, Zayn!

Staring into her ocean blue eyes makes it even harder.

God! This is so confusing.

Rose's POV

I want to look away. But my eyes are clinged to his green orbs.

So many emotiones, I don't know what I'm feeling.

I know the first minute I saw him I liked him. Those curls, those eyes, his smile. But when those green eyes turned  into black ones the feeling left.

Now they stay green...

Maybe he doesn't hate me anymore, or he still hates me but doesn't want it anymore.

Aaarrgg.... Why is this so confusing?

I don't know what I feel...

I don't know what Harry feels.

Maura interrupts my thoughts.

"Seriously! If you guys don't start talking I'm coming to kick you so hard that you don't know if you have to hear with your ears or your nose!"

I laugh leaves my mouth. And I hear Harry chuckling.

I have the weirdest friend ever!

"Maybe they are kissing..." I hear Louis say.

I immediately feel my cheeks burn and look away.

"So... Since we have to do something.... Why don't you go play on the piano... You were about to do that  right?" Harry says breaking the awkward silence.

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