Chapter 8: Worry and Relief

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News of the attack by Izanagi, known to some as Magatsu, had spread like wild-fire. However all were merely rumours as no-one had seen it themselves. Talks were of a man of darkness and an evil cloud that possessed the individuals caught in its grasp. Of course all of this was diluted truth passed on to each person a little different every-time. Those who knew the truth were recovering from the attack.

One of those was Saku as he slept in one of the beds of the nurse's office. He began to awaken "Ahhh...ohhh...where am I?" he looked round to see only he was in a familiar room "This is...the nurse's office"

"That's right" he turned to see Ms Reapa walking through the doorway "You've been asleep for at least a day" she said as she sat on an adjacent bed "as has everyone else"

"Everyone...else? Wait...are they all okay? I remember this gas...and everyone going crazy and..." Ms Reapa gestured her hands forward

"Relax, relax" Saku calmed down "they are all fine and well. They all need a bit of time though"

"That's good"

"Can you tell me what happened yesterday?"

Saku gathered his thoughts "I was training with Ivy to control my aura but then...this metal can fell and covered everything in red smoke. I wasn't affected but everyone else except Mochi was. Their powers became out of control, all their auras were raging all round them. Then this man in black came down trying to take Mochi calling himself Magatsu. His power was...strange"

"What do you mean?"

"It's like...he could control darkness" this made Ms Reapa look serious "he was strong, really strong. Even though I could easily tap into my power...he didn't even have to try. Then Mochi got really angry and literally exploded but again Magatsu was too strong. Then...then" Saku appeared to be struggling to recall the event

"What happened after that?"

"he hurt Mochi real bad" said Saku finding it hard to remember "I got mad...and then...nothing. I can't remember a thing"

"nothing at all?" inquired Ms Reapa

"no...just this sensation of a roaring fire spreading all through me and...that's it"

Ms Reapa had a troubled look "so...they've begun to make their move" Saku looked confused "What I'm about to tell you is confidential so keep it a secret" Saku nodded "there exists a sort of organization whose interests is to exploit the latent power in all of us"

"B.U.S" said Saku

"exactly. They wish to tap into the full power and use it to control the world. We call them the Shadow league. We have no idea of how many members there are but that man is one of them"

After a moment Ms Reapa spoke again "The red cloud you spoke of is an experimental drug known as the Bio-amp. It was originally made to help people bring out their aura proved too strong. It amplifies the power within us to very high and extreme levels. For those who aren't used to that influx of power it can be devastating. For element users their powers are beyond their control...while for weapon and aura users their aura becomes a sort of paralysis poison"

"So...why didn't it affect me?"

"because your body could withstand the power as could Mochi I can imagine. That's the only explanation"

Saku thought about this. "So...I've experienced power of that degree before. As has Mochi?"

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