“Heart, we love you!” the crowd yelled and I grinned into my microphone.

Standing in front of a stage while thousands of people were watching your every move may have seemed kind intimidating but for me, this is what made me smile. I did not waste most of my teenage years just for me to be bluntly ignored by the public eye.

“I hope you’re all enjoying tonight,” I said which made them respond with a huge batch of screams. I laughed into the mic, making the sound erupt through the whole arena making my fans yell louder.

You just got to love screaming fans.

When the music started blaring, I took a deep breath to start the first verse of my song. It was always like this, I would perform for hours and I’ll end up so tired but it was worth.

My job was to sing and act in front of people and in return, I get the most amazing fans and a huge wad of cash.

With a few intermissions, costume changes and a bunch of interaction with the crowd, I was glad to call it a night.

Reaching backstage, the crew was gathering up the equipment. I saw my manager walking up to me with her phone forever pressed against her ear as her heels clacked against the floor.

“Good show, Heart,” she praised after she finally ended the call and lowering her hand with her phone still tightly clasped in it.

“Thank you, Taylor,” I nodded formally and when her phone beeped inside her hand, she raised a finger to excuse herself and moved to answer whoever was calling her.

“Taylor Burns speaking,” she said in a professional tone and after a buzzing from the other line, she finally perked up, “A movie deal?”

Rolling my eyes, I already knew how this will play out. The person will call Taylor for a movie deal, she’ll try to talk me into it, I’ll be too nice to reject and I’ll somewhat end up in a movie set which will either end up horribly or I’ll end up with another award in my hands.

Either way, I’ll spend a few months on set, wasting my time when I could be sitting at home eating a huge bowl of strawberry ice cream.

“Oh of course sir, my client would be very interested,” Taylor said excitedly to the person on the other line.

Yup, I would be jumping for joy on a pathetic movie.

“I’m going to my dressing room,” I muttered though I’m sure she didn’t even notice me leave.

Releasing my hair from the intricate style that it was in, I ran a brush through it but mentally cringed when I noticed it was too stiff with hairspray to even move.

With a sigh, I dropped down the hair brush on the dresser just in time when somebody knocked on the door.

“Come in,” I grumbled loudly and when the door opened, my mood did a complete 180.

There stood my mother, May Almond. Ever since her divorce with my father, she gradually became older looking but she was much younger than what she looks. She barely even goes to my concerts but this was one of the rare nights where she went on her way to support me.

“Hi mom,” I smiled and she took a seat on one of the couches.

“Your father called when you were performing earlier,” she started out nervously and my smile fell into a neutral expression.

Did I hate my father? Of course not, I’m a big daddy’s girl. Did I see him often? Unless you count the skype calls we regularly have, no I don’t. He’s living in England so time zones are another problem in my case.

“What did he say?” I asked. Both of my parents aren’t exactly in good terms but I don’t blame. They’re divorced and my dad got himself a much younger girlfriend who I despise so much.

 “He’s visiting for the summer,” she informed me, “And he’s bringing that Adam boy.”

A smile crept up to my face once again as I heard the oh so familiar name.

Adam Nicholas, my best friend was finally coming to visit. I haven’t seen him in person since I last had a family vacation in England five years ago. He used to be my next door neighbor and leaving him was one of the saddest things ever since I became famous.

We tried to keep in touch but it was so difficult that whenever he tried to call me, I was fast asleep. I never had time to go through my e-mails and up until we both graduated from high school this year, we only spoke to each other once a month.

I miss him terribly though. He was my first everything; first friend, first kiss, first crush and first love.


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