Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Sasha Madden sat alone inside the locker room wishing the workday was over. Being an FBI agent and apart of Truman’s CID group there was no set time to go home, she could be stuck there for many more hours to come. The thought depressed her, the fact she could be out of the stressful job depressed her more. Long hours and all she had loved her work.

The day worsened when the door opened and he stepped inside. Nicholas McBain gave her a hard look of disappointment. They had never gotten along and their latest case secured they never would.

She started to feel small under his glare and stood from the bench. “I’m sorry and I’ve said it over a thousand times, I’m sorry.”

Losing the last of his temper he grabbed her arm, pulling her close. “It’s your fault everything went straight to hell, people died Sasha.” he explained as he held on to her arm, their faces were close and both their eyes full of fire.

“Let me go,” Sasha softly said as she stared into his deep blue eyes. “Before I make it so you can never have children.” she warned, her expression stern as he finally let go. “Look, I know I screwed up but I wasn’t the only one there, everyone made a mistake.” she kept trying to justify her slip up inside her mind. It was a chain of events she had the bad luck of being apart of.

“The worst being yours. You shouldn’t have taken charge like that, you knew we were dealing with a crazy fuck, he snapped and two men are dead and one is half-way there.” Nicholas said as he tried to keep calm, he was furious to know that she could be so careless.

Sasha let out a long sigh. “If I hadn’t done what I did both those kids would be dead. No one told Green and Holden to rush in like that, their deaths aren’t on me!” she snapped. She’d admit until she was blue in the face she had acted hastily to save the children before they were killed. The children didn’t have a choice in the events, the agents did.

“You know Truman’s not going to see it that way.” Nicholas pointed out, walking behind her as they left the locker room.

“No of course not. He’ll take your side; his favorite. Do me a favor Nick and just let me do my job.” Sasha was good at keeping cool, but never around Nicholas McBain. He always made everything harder for her; they were always at odds trying to beat each other at everything they did and today put those feelings into overdrive pushing them over the edge.

The case went haywire, agents died, Sasha made a moments decision to save the two children’s life that were at stake from a crazy serial killer that had already killer eight other boys and girls, he needed to be stopped and that’s all Sasha thought about when she finally came face to face with the man, everything else went out the window and she couldn’t let him get away.

“The way you do your job is costing a lot of people.” Nicholas pointed out as they neared the end of the long hall. It wasn’t the first time Sasha acted without thinking, just the first time people were injured.

Sasha came to a halt so quickly that Nicholas almost bumped into her. “I am having a hard enough time with this as it is.” she explained, trying to stop her eyes from tearing up. “I don’t need you breathing down my neck reminding me how much I messed up.” she said before opening the conference room door where Pete Truman was sitting at the large rectangle table.

“Sasha, Nicholas, please sit down. How are you both?” Pete asked. He treated his agents like his children, he cared for them all personally as well as professionally.

 Dr. Pete Truman ran a special unit whom worked along side the CID, criminal investigation division, stepping in with local police stations when they needed a helping hand with cases that focused on violent crime, financial crime, organized, public corruption, and drug related.  Truman was also a psychologist and joined the FBI once he had his degree, he was highly respected even though most thought he was off his rocker because of the way he saw things sometimes but nonetheless he was good at what he did. He knew how to read people, he read Sasha and Nicholas.

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