An Additional Note

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To the dedicated reader,

   I would just like to thank you for every moment following the one in which you clicked on the title of this story and immersed yourself in the plot of my troubled protagonists. You read every word, maybe even voted or commented, and I get to come back and check on the poem that I had so much doubt in and see how it has grown on me and you as well, dedicated reader.
I would be lying to every one of you if I said I remember how this idea had struck me; what I do remember is how much I had given up on it after a couple of chapters before picking it up again with a sigh and never looking back. I never imagined it would be a finished work, never mind one so long. Stephen King always says that a finished work is never really finished, and that I have found is always true. There are a million and one ways to write and rewrite a story, and someday I may return to this one, but for now, I'm going to let it be.
This is one of the only stories, though in poem form, that I have ever fully written from beginning to end. I plan to write many more, and rewrite many more, and maybe somewhere along that line I'll get published as a novelist. Until then, I'll be here, and I thank you for joining me, dedicated reader.

 "Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open." - Stephen King


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