On that one night, it was different in a way. Cameron and his brother, Danny, went into an alley that was near the local corner shop. Right when they arrived they saw the usual members from the gang standing at the end of the alley. One of them pulled out a gun once the brothers arrived. Before they can run out of the alley, they were surrounded.

The leader of the gang was demanding a million dollars right then and there. He knew of their rich background. But, of course, neither of the brothers had that kind of money on them. They didn't even have a check book with them.

Cameron tried to reason with the leader about how he will bring the money the next day. But the man was not listening. Instead he placed the gun to Danny's head and pulled the trigger.

Danny fell down cold with a bullet wound in the head. Cameron dropped to his knees and held his lifeless brother. All the gang members stood there in shock, except for the leader who held an accomplished smirk.

Before anyone could do or say a single thing, the cops' sirens sounded around the corner. The gang members retreated the scene within seconds. But, before the leader left a cry Cameron and his dead brother, he said these exact harsh words:

"I will be back for my money one day, and I don't care who I kill in the process."

I just feared that the gang leader would be coming back soon. There has been a few murders reported this past month and the killer is unknown. Though, all of the victims are found in dark alleys.

I go up to Juliet, and ask if she as seen him around. Maybe he came over to talk to her. I at least hope he didn't mention about my feelings to her. That would be completely embarrassing.

"No I haven't sorry." She says with wonder and worry in her voice. I groaned in frustration and searched around. "Jason, are you alright? Do you want me to help you find him?" I nod my head as I walk towards the crowd. With Juliet following behind me.

Her hand reaches out to grab mine as I weave through the crowd. The petite, soft hand found its way to my large, warm hand as she intertwines them together. The feeling of her hand in mine finds a way to calm me down a bit. I sigh.

My pace slows down as I allow Juliet to catch up with me. She stands by my side and looks up at me as I stare down at my feet, deep in thought.

"Where did you see him last?" She asks in a calming tone.

I look up to see her elegant face. "Last time I remember he went off to dance with some chick. After a while I went to go find him and the girl, but I only say the girl. She said that he left with some guy."

I shook my head in fear and disbelief as my gaze went back to my shoes. Juliet gave my hand a slight squeeze and I looked back towards her.

"We are going to find him. Okay?" Her voice reassures me.

With a tiny nod, she leads me through the crowd that we just got out of. My head is still in a daze of what could happen to Cameron. I didn't even notice we had stopped until I feel the emptiness in my hand.

Suddenly, my eyes fall on the back of a drunken guy's head as he carries Juliet away and around the corner. More fear than before hit me like a bullet to the heart. I didn't know what to do. Before my mind could wrap around it, I ran through the crowd.

I threw my sunglasses to the floor so I could get a better look around and my beanie fell off as I weaved through the dancing people. The last thing on my mind was paparazzi finding me. All I wanted to do was find Juliet. My search for Cameron wasn't even a priority at the moment.

As I finally make my way out of the massive crowd, I turn the corner and find my way out of a back door.

*Juliet POV*

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