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(whole story is in Calum's p.o.v unless noted other wise)

I walked into the school library like I have successfully done everyday for the past four years, as I was being careful of my surroundings. I smell the normal scent of lavender that the librarian loved putting out everyday. I wanted to be alone, but sadly there was one other girl, she was quite beautiful.

I sat down carefully picking up my lunch and eating it. I didn't want to distract the young girl in her gaze. I spent every day in the library eating lunch because in the actual lunchroom it was to hectic, loud and crazy. I look over to the girl who had her feet propped up against the table and a book in her hand.

She didn't look familiar at all, she had that kind of 'I don't care' look. Blonde hair with dips of pink at the bottom, combat boots, and a Cobain shirt. (wink, wink)

She looked over at me staring intensely before pulling a pack of gum out and popping three in her mouth. She began to smack the gum. and let me just say that was my number one pet-peeve, it's so annoying and it's like she knows it. She started to blow it up and pop it with her long nails. She twisted it around her fingers and pulling it back in her mouth.

My God, was she such a annoying girl. I decided to ignore it and pulled my phone out scrolling away. The bell rang and the girl shot up and disappeared through the door. Even though when she was here and I wanted her gone, I feel lonely now that she actually is actually gone.


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