Chapter {4}

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"Why are you meeting up with a girl?" Yoongi stood in front of the door not letting Jimin leave.

"You know the only person I love is you. I'm meeting up with Hyo Woo so I can help you out with her crush." Jimin said as he squished Yoongi's cheek.

"What about the kids? Who's going to watch them?" Yoongi asked.

"Aren't you? You're staying here, right?" Jimin asked.

"Yeah..." Yoongi sighed.

"Okay. By the way, Hyesu's mother isn't answering any calls... Seems like she doesn't want her anymore." Jimin said.

"Oh... Okay." Yoongi nodded.

"I'll see you later." Jimin pecked Yoongi on the lips and left.

He ended up meeting Hyo Woo at a library.

"Why here?" Jimin asked.

Hyo Woo shrugged, "I like this college's library... Anyway, didn't you go here?"

"I used to but dropped out due to reasons." Jimin said.

"Oh..." Hyo Woo nodded.

"So... You want me to help?" Jimin tilted his head.

Hyo Woo looked at Jimin, "Yes..."

"What's your crush's name?"

"You have to promise to help and I'll tell you." Hyo Woo said.

"Okay. I'm fine with that." Jimin told her.

"My crush is-" She was cut off by Yoongi running in with Hyesu, Dae and Cho.

"Chimchim!" Yoongi hugged Jimin from behind.

"Appa!" Dae jumped into Jimin's lap.

Cho just sat in the chair next to Jimin with Hyesu in his lap.

"Shut up, We're in a library." Jimin glared at Yoongi especially since he followed him there.

Hyo Woo was now looking down at her lap, fiddling with her fingers.

Jimin looked at her and saw blush on her face.

His eyes widened, that's when he realized who her crush was.

"Why did that little girl just call you appa?" Hyo Woo asked.

"She's my daughter, that's why." Jimin told her.

"And she's also mi-" Jimin hit Yoongi cutting him off from telling Hyo Woo that they were together.

"Ow!" Yoongi shouted and pinched Jimin's cheek.

Jimin slapped his hand away, "Stop." Jimin laughed.

"You two seem close..." Hyo Woo mentioned.

"We are. We're married." Yoongi said bluntly.

"Yoongi!" Jimin shouted as Yoongi grabbed Jimin's hand showing Hyo Woo their matching ring fingers.

Hyo Woo nodded, "I've... Gotta go..." She got up and started to walk out.

"What's her problem?" Yoongi asked.

"You fucking idiot." Jimin took Dae off his lap and followed Hyo Woo. "Stay here, Yoongi."

Jimin caught up Hyo Woo and stopped her.

"Hey... Are you ok?" Jimin asked.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" She replied with a question.

"I didn't know you liked Yoongi, that's why I was trying to find out who you liked. I'm sorry." Jimin apologized.

"No... That's fine." Hyo Woo walked away and Jimin went back.

The 3 kids and the 2... Kids at heart went home right away.

"So she had a crush on me?" Yoongi asked at the dinner table.

"Yeah, sorry I didn't know." Jimin told him.

"Good. At first I thought you were trying to give me away."

Jimin smiled at him, "I would never do that."


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