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Park Jimin. I always see him as boyfriend material. He's kind, optimist, loving and carefree. I always look up to him.

Yes, I love him... but, he's my sister's fiancé.

| Mistake by bangtancy

| Characters (age altered)

✿ Park Jimin as himself (21)

✿ You as yourself (19)

✿ Ji Hee as your sister (21)

| About

❝The fact that you're my sister's fiancé makes me want you more.❞

In which a girl grows a desire for her sister's fiancé.

Date published: February 23, 2018
Date ended: ----

| Copyrights

This book is purely fictional. The characters and names that exist in real life like BTS, Park Jimin do not belong to me. The storyline was established by myself. Any similarity of events, people, or place is purely coincidental.

No plagiarism. I strictly don't accept translation requests.

Copyright © by bangtancy
All rights reserved 2018.

| Note

This book may contain mature content, but I'll try to warn you if things get out of hand. But most parts are PG-13. If you see any grammatical errors and misspellings, it will be much appreciated if you point it out rather than making fun of me in comments. Thank you!

This is the replacement of my former book, My Brother Jimin. It will never be republished nor be reproduced. Reminders to all my past readers, if you think your favorite author is in the wrong, don't try to defend his/her actions. And the thing you should know; regardless siblings are blood related or not (step-siblings or adopted), IT IS STILL INCEST. Please spread it for awareness.

Enjoy reading!


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