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"You came," was Dylan's surprised reaction as I pushed open the door to Sassy Cupcake, finding him at one of the tables, his tablet opened up to the history book.

I smiled sheepishly at him as the door closed behind me. "I said I would, didn't I," I asked as I made my way over to him and pulled out the chair directly across from him. "You know how I have to stick to my word. If I didn't, what would even be the point of speaking?"

He grinned, scooting his chair backwards. "I like that mentality. Because you better stick to being the best thanksgiving hostess in the history of hosting."

My face paled as I remembered when he and Amy had visited earlier this month and how thanksgiving wasn't any less than a blink away from now.

"I'm just kidding," he said before lightly punching my arm. "I have to go to my dad's house in Vermont anyway. I rarely get to see him, so as much pain as it would be for you to get a break from being around me, there's some overdue bonding that needs to be done with him."

It took awhile for it to click that he wasn't Dylan Fitzpatrick and that George was only his stepfather. If he hadn't seen his biological father in some time, I wasn't going to be the one to stand in his way. That required a type of cruelty beyond all of my means.

Not even casually cold, Issa McKenzie was cruel enough to do that.

"Wow," he said and I realized I hadn't even spoken but instead, I created an awkward silence that he didn't need to have follow a discussion about his different family system. "Look at the time. I'll see you after break, Venia."

He started to gather up his school books so I began to help, my hands stacking his folders in them neatly. He looked up at me for a quick second in surprise before ducking down his eyes to focus on the task at hand. With expert grace; he collected every book, folder, and pencil until we both reached for the same one and his hand brushed mine.

"Sorry," he apologized quickly and retracted his hand, forcing me to pick it up for him.

Internally, I almost wanted to die. It was almost just like in the romance movies where the two love interests brushed hands accidentally and one of them got all flustered from just the contact alone. Did this mean what I thought it did? That Dylan Parker had feelings for me? It was definitely on the doubtful side, I couldn't let myself get carried away while being in the danger zone like I was.

"For what?" It was a bold move but like in chess, when you let go of your piece, the move you made was irreversible.

"For leaving you," he answered, "like I'm going to do tomorrow. I feel bad for doing that to a friend."

Well, it definitely wasn't the proclamation of undying love that I was hoping for. But on the bright side, at least he cared about me.

"I'll be fine," I said, handing him his school stuff that was in my hands. He looked at me with uncertainty to which I wanted to roll my eyes at. "My friends will be here and we'll celebrate thanksgiving just like we usually do. Now let's close up."

The thanksgiving holiday break was all rather pointless. It started at one point and you only had so much time to rest up as well as do all the other things you couldn't during the school week that it all just felt like a wasted effort when you got back.

In fact, I had been back for two weeks now and walking in this Monday was like the deflating of a balloon. Thankfully, none of my classes met until ten o'clock - a rather belated realization, for I usually wait until nine to get to school and not eight - so I just had to make the most of right now in order to decompress.

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