18 || The Kiss of the Past

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"So, when should I come to pick you up?" asked Sidharth, looking intently at his wife, sitting in the passenger seat of his sedan.

"Hubby, I didn't leave the car yet and you're asking me when should you come to pick me up. Seriously, hubby, you're crazy," said Khushali, rolling her eyes at her husband's childishness.

Sidharth grimaced and indignantly said, "True, I'm crazy, but only for you. I've never been this crazy for any of my past girlfriends, not even Mia." And immediately, he regretted bringing in his ex-girlfriend-whom-he's-dating-now's name in their conversation. With a little fear in his eyes, he looked at Khushali, who seemed not bothered and he felt enraged over himself. As much as he knew Khushali, he knew she was one person who preferred to keep things to herself rather speaking them out. Probably because she didn't like being perceived as weak or vulnerable.

"Wifey I didn't mea--"

"Really, Sidharth? Well then I would I say, I have something in me like great tolerance skills, because of which I'm able to handle your craziness," said Khushali, acting completely ignorant of Sidharth's girlfriend remark. Though, she was hurt with his mention of Mia but she didn't want to show it. Not atleast now!

"Yeah, maybe," responded Sidharth, sighing. He knew Khushali was offended with his comment, but still she ignored it and changed the topic.

"Anyway, if your done, baby, then can I go? Maa, Papa, must be wondering what's taking me so long to come inside," said Khushali, picking up her handbag from the dashboard of the car.

But probably Sidharth didn't want her to go so easily, not after upsetting her. So, holding her hand, he pulled her toward himself, which made Khushali keep her hands on his chest in shock, with her hairs covering her face.

Removing few strands of her hairs from face which were blocking his view, Sidharth tilted his face and planted a small kiss on Khushali's right cheek. He released her hand and Khushali immediately settled back on her seat, not knowing what happened just now. Already shocked with the sudden pull, Khushali became even more confused with this kiss and for a moment didn't know how to react.

But slowly, a deep red blush came on Khushali's cheeks and she looked down at her hands. Though there were issues between them, and Sidharth was allegedly Sagar's killer, but still the attraction between the two seemed unfazed with everything and all these two wanted was just each other's companionship. Probably, because the sense of security and completeness, they felt in each other's company, was something neither of them felt anywhere else or with anyone else.

Smiling, seeing the blush on Khushali's cheeks, Sidharth leaned slightly closer to her and huskily said, "Baby, your parents are quite smart to know when a newly wedded husband comes to drop his wife to their home, it takes slightly more time for the couple to say bye to each other." He paused and then added teasingly, "Haye, meri adhi jaan to 'baby' bolke leli, baki ab sharma-sharmake logi? (Gosh, you've taken half of my life by calling me 'baby', do you want to take the other half by blushing like this?)"

With this, Khushali's cheeks turned even redder and she quickly moved out of the car, not really in mood to let Sidharth tease her more. Slamming the door hard behind her, she looked inside and sticking her tongue out, said, "Baby, ab milungi tumse 3 din baad (Baby, I'll meet you after three days now). Till then, spend your time looking at my pictures and listening sad songs! Byeeeee!!" And saying this, she ran inside the main door of her parents' house, leaving Sidharth smile to himself while driving his way out of the Kapoor residence. He would've walked inside with her, but since he had a meeting in half hour, he left for his office.

With an ear-to-ear grin, Khushali walked toward the living area of Kapoor mansion. Her father, Gaurav, who was sitting with his back toward Khushali, was busy talking to his wife, Muskan about something when Khushali hugged him and pecking his cheek, said chirpily, "Hey, Papa! Hey, Maa! Missed me?"

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