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Violet Uley knew if she got caught it was her ass that was going to jail. It's not like she really cared though, she needed about 30 more bucks until she could buy those black boots she had seen at the mall the other day and she was determined to have them in her manicured hand by tomorrow.

So maybe she wasn't exactly 21 and maybe she didn't even have a fake ID to prove otherwise, who cares right? She needed a bit extra money and bartending underage for a few hours wasn't going to kill anyone. Well, maybe she would get killed at the hands of Sam but ehh... she could give less of a shit in the moment.

"Mint Mojito," the tan brunette said happily, lifting the alcohol filled glass onto the black countertop and smiling at her customer.

The girl with slightly bloodshot eyes and damp hair smirked at her, taking a sip of the drink. Violet watched her cautiously, searching for a sign of disgust as she was hoping the women would give her a hefty tip and hopefully come back for more if it was good enough.

Through the darkened room, and flashing lights the blonde partygoer smirked at her, eyes brightening just a tad. She hummed in happiness, pulling out her wallet and handing the bartender money.

"Violet is it?" She yelled over the loud music, leaning into the bar so her gold necklace briefly scratched against the countertop.

Said brunette went from calculating her tip to smiling once more, noticing the way her satisfied customer eyes jumped from the black name tag on her top to her eyes.

"Vi!" The bartender corrected, resisting the urge to roll her eyes when her full name was called out. She absolutely hated her real name, it always reminded her of her parents and they were a chapter in her life she cared not too open.

"Vi," the women nodded. "Aren't you a little young to be bartending?"

Violet fought the stiffen, keeping cool in the moment and laughed, "shouldn't you be at home studying for Mr. Wents finals Charlotte?"

Charlotte having known she was caught smirked at the younger girl, lifting her glass in acceptance," see you in Sociology Vi!"

Violet smiling as the girl retreated and even full out grinning when she noticed the 10 extra dollars in her hand.

There was 3 hours left before the club would shut down for the night and she was shy just 20 dollars. It was time for Vi to pull out all the stops.

"Randy! You mind if I dance on the table a little bit!"


So maybe Violet Uley wasn't in desperate need of money, maybe she was just putting herself at risk for material things but there wasn't much else left to do and she was quite frankly bored. There was nothing in Seattle for her, as much as she hated to admit it, her whole life was back in La Push. There was no tending to wolves or dodging Jake every few seconds, no Emily to keep her company and make her pancakes every morning. There was none of that.

She had no one, and she supposed that was the biggest trade off to moving here. Still, she would rather have no one then to be constantly on guard. She hated the stress and paranoia that came with being the alphas little sister, hated the way his friends looked at her like she would randomly turn out to be their imprint. Hated how Jake would stare at her with sorry eyes and an open mouth that never uttered a single phrase even though his eyes said it all. She fucking hated it all and no matter how much she secretly missed her older brothers warm hugs of comfort and Emily's words of wisdom she could no longer be in La Push.

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