Urgh shit. I opened my eyes and rolled over; my sister Gemma was standing there grinning at me. I glanced at my alarm clock; she'd woken me up 12mins before I had to be awake. I cursed under my breath and threw the covers over my head.


"What do you want Gem?" I growled. As you can tell I'm not a morning person.

"I just wanted to remind you that Reed and his stepfather are coming for dinner tonight. Please come home tonight Jacky I want you to meet him"

"Fine I'll be there. Now go!" 

"Why you have to get up now anyway, remember you said you'd pick up Claire and take us to school"

I gritted my teeth and balled my hands into fists, for fuck sake! I'd completely forgotten I'd promised my sister's friend a lift. But that was only because Claire was on my to do list. I grinned wolfishly and hopped out the bed. Gem eyed me suspiciously before plonking herself on my computer chair. She turned on my Mac; I looked at her and noticed she was already dressed. I didn't comment I just dragged my lazy arse into the adjoining bathroom. A quick shower and a brush of the teeth and I was done. I waltzed out my room. Naked.

"Ewwww Jacky cover up" Gem cried flinging a hand over her eyes "You’re destroying my innocence"

I laughed and pulled on some pants "Well I'm starting to like this Reed kid a little more" I said opening my closet and pulling on my closest pain of jeans.

Gem blushed, her eyes wide. She opened and closed her mouth, before settling on closing it. I laughed at her as I pulled on my shirt. It fit me nicely, showing off my toned body. I turned back to Gem to see her scooting slyly to the door.

"Wait! I'm not finished with you missy" I said walking over to block her exit from my room "So are you and this Reed kid having sex?"

From her expression I could tell she wanted to die on the spot. She sighed; me and my sister were oddly close. I never kept secrets from her and she didn't keep secrets from me. It was the kinda bond that twins had, except we weren't twins. I was older cool and damn straight sexier. I watched as she nervously slid a lock of her blond hair behind her ear, it was the same honey blond as mine. Her eyes stared at my feet.

"Well no, but... I think I want to. We've talked about it and he said whenever I'm ready. I think I'm ready"

"Don't have sex in high school Gem"

"Well you did. You do! Literally, didn't you have sex with Michele Greenway in the Biology lab?"

"That's different I'm a guy, we don't get emotional and shit about sex. All we want is to fuck and then duck, do you think I still speak to Michele?? No. Because I don't want a relationship, and I only fuck girls willing to be a one night stand. Are you willing to take that crap from Reed?"

"Here's the difference Jackass, Reed's not popular! He doesn't do the same stupid shit you and your friends do to impress everyone. And F.Y.I Reed and I are IN a relationship!"

She shoved me to the side and stormed out my room. I furrowed my eyebrows, my sister was popular, I mean she is the quarterback’s sister, and she's very pretty. But her boyfriend wasn't popular, oh this, this was gold. I wondered who this kid was. I chuckled and went down stairs to have breakfast.


30mins later we pulled up outside Claire's house. Normally I would honk the horn, but as I said earlier, she was on my to do list. I got out the car and knocked on her door. She opened it and stood there smiling impishly at me as I leant against her door frame. I looked her over; she was wearing shorts which exposed her slender legs, a tank top showing off her cheerleading figure and her great assets. Her boobs were nice, and the cleavage she was showing was just right. Her long straight red hair feel onto her shoulders, and her blue eyes smouldered mine. My fiery beauty.

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