Chapter 9

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||Shaylee's POV||

Jazmin showed me the room, just at the end of the hall. Inside the room there was blood red walls and one black wall. There is a beauty stand on the same wall as the door that goes out to the hall.
The black wall is on the left side of the room when you walk in. There is a big queen size bed with black covers on it and red pillows leaning up against the wall, with one nightstand on each side. There was a big bookcase on the far right side of the bed.

There is a set of glass doors on the opposite wall, when you walk in. On the wall across the bed there is two doors, one leading to a big ass closet and the other leading to a big bathroom.

"I sure am living in luxury for someone kidnapped.." I said under my breath.

"You should hop into the shower, I will help you with your hair and make-up after." I heard Jazmin say rather excited while pushing me towards the bathroom.

"Well okay then, if you insist." I joked.

"You have to watch your tongue when you get to the meeting." She says with some seriousness in her voice.

"Why do people keep telling me that! I'm not a kid, I can behave you know.." I say frustrated with a pout.

"Yeah, but he doesn't have the best temper sooo..." She dragged out, as I stepped inside the shower and began cleansing my hair and body.

"All I'm saying is that whatever he does is to show that he's the powerful one at the meeting so don't take all of it to heart." She continued.

"Mhm, don't take any of he's shit to heart. Got it." I answered with a smile and stepped out of the shower. Drying my body off with the towel before attempting to dry my hair with it as I walked out of the bathroom and inside the closet, not bothering to cover up my body as I'm not ashamed of it. I like my C cup breasts and flat but toned stomach with nice hips and waist.

"Hey Jaz what color dress am I wearing?" I yelled out. "Black." She answered just as she came walking with a black dress in her hand.

"Okay." I took a black bra and thong out of one of the underwear drawers, I quickly put them on before taking the dress and putting that on, "can you zip me up?" I ask Jaz and lift my hair up so she could see what she was doing.

"Sure." After she zipped me up she proceeded to get out some black heels with gold dust on them, some gold bracelets and rings plus some earrings.

"Now lets do your hair." She smiled and sat me down in a chair and began working.

"What style are we going for Jaz?" I smiled in the mirror.

She grabbed the curling iron and began curling my waist length hair in loose curls.

"I'm thinking loose curls and smoke eyes?" She stood behind me looking at me in the mirror.

I nodded in agreement, "lets go with that."

- 30 minutes later -

I stood in front of the full body mirror and looked at myself, and let me tell you I'm looking smoking hot. I turned towards Jazmin and hugged her.

"You did an amazing job, thank you.!" I smiled.

"Awe, no biggy at all girl. Now you better hurry down stairs the Boss is waiting for you." She smiled and pushed me out of the room.

"You're being so pushy." I pouted towards her.

"Oh shut up Shay." She joked and went the opposite way down the hallway, and I move down the stairs. In. Heels.

As I moved down the stairs I could begin to see men all dressed in black and black sunglasses, like really sunglasses inside? Come on.

"I.don' Just get the job done and get my money back!!" I heard the same handsome man I meet earlier yell over the phone.

Finally making it to the last step, the man turned around cursing in multiple languages, it comes in handy when you know and can talk, at least 6 different languages.

"Took you long enough." He said and began walking out the door and inside a black SUV.

I just followed him instead of commenting on that one.

As soon as I got inside the car he began driving.

"Well then." I said low and buckled my seatbelt.

"Sooo, gonna tell me what I will be doing accompanying you tonight?"

He glanced over at me, " I just need you to sit and look around and be ready for anything, plus put on a little bit of show."

"Okay I can do that, when you say show you mean... Like a little flirtatious?" I crossed my legs over each other and looked over at him.

"Yes, but you have to be discreet and you are not to leave my side."

"Got it."

- A long ride later -

He got out of the car and went to my side and opened the door for me, I guess the show starts now.

I smiled at him and linked my arm with his as we walked.

"Remember to behave or there will be punishment." He said low in my ear before kissing my neck as a cover up.

I just nodded my head yes and kept looking forward.

We walked up to a man and he guided us to a backroom where there is a door.

Mr. Handsome, I really need to find out what his name is, opened the door and lead us inside there is a long table with many men sitting in chairs looking at us. Each man had a woman in a very slutty dress standing behind them.

Handsome walked to the end of the table and sat down, so he's the one with most power.

He clapped his hand silently on his right lap gesturing for me to sit on his lap. I sat down and wrapped one of my arms around his neck and one on his biceps which he in return placed a hand on my lower back closer to my ass than back actually and another on my inner thigh.

A waiter came in with some drinks and snacks before he hurried out again.

"So Xavier how is the Company and club?" One of the men asked mr. Handsome, whom I now know is called Xavier.

Xavier moves his hand from my thigh and takes a drink in his hand. "Fine, got some problems with the club and the restricted areas in it, because people think they can get in just because they know one of the VIPs."
He sips from the drink and gives me the class to hold as he places his hand on my thigh again this time higher than before.

"It's those damn rats, they keep trying to steal information on us its getting harder running the other businesses." A second man from the table says.

I lean on Xaviers shoulder and whispers quietly in his ear so none of the other men hears it, " I guess if you wanna catch a rat you have to play a game of cat..." I kiss his neck with a smirk on my lips.

Xavier glances at me and i shake my head in the direction of the table.

He nods slowly, all men are talking about the little problem they have at hand amongst them selfs.

I cross my legs over each other, "One of these men in this room is your rat. I could find out who it is, if you suggest a game... A game that involves guns." I whisper again taking a sip of the glass that I still have in my hand.

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