Chapter 14

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~Alyssa's POV~

Seth and I's relationship has been amazing over the past year. The Volturi havent bothered us since i killed almost all of them. My family has gone back to normal. We found out that my eyes turn a light violet when i use my powers. From little things like Edwards power, to big things like Torin's power. Speaking of Torin, because of him, i now look about sixteen. So does Renesmee, but that's just because she grows really fast. Seth stopped phasing for awhile so he could age. He looks about my age now.

I know that the Volturi will be back for me though. My powers are now way stronger than any of them. i have some of the Volturi's powers even. i have Jane's, Alec's, Torin's, and Aro's.

"Hey Ally." Seth says, walking into my room. I realize that i am staring at my ceiling and day dreaming, so i sit up.

"Hey." I reply, looking into his beautiful dark eyes. As usual, i got lost in them.

"Sorry i was gone so long, i had some stuff i needed to do with the pack." he said, shutting the door and walking over to me.

i stood next to my bed. When he got to me, i jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck. He looked confused at first, but quickly understood. He crushed his lips against mine and we fell backwards onto my bed.

"God, i missed you." he mumbled while kissing my jaw bone

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