ch-1 the fight.

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Warning: I didn't spell check cuz I was busy. +18 but idc, you can read it if your 8 idgaf
Raven is Eridan and jinx (me) is sollux.
Enjoy babe!~♥

Sollux was sitting in his room typing on his husktop when a certain someone had happened to open his door to peak in."I know it's you ED" he said with his lisp clearly showing.

'Damnitt' Eridan thought. He opened the door more walking in and sat on the lisp kings bed "Howw is it you alwways knoww its me Sol?"

Sollux sighed and shut his husktop off. "Because your the only pervert that stalks me all the time." He said turning to Eridan. "Also, your the only one who knows how to break into my hive"

Eridan found it funny that sollux called him a stalker. "Reason I came is because somefin wweird happened at the beach as you can tell" Eridan motioned to the cat ears and tail. His sea dweller parts gone. No fin no gills just gone.

Sollux for once actually looked at him. "Holy shit dude... Heh, looks better than that stupid Gill stuff you used to have" he snickered leaning back on a beanbag.

Eridan puffed his cheek angered at the lisper "That 'Gill Stuff' is wwho I am Sol. I'm a sea dweller not a a wwhatever I am noww!! I came for help. Please Sollux I'm freaking out Nyah!!" Eridan rushed his hands over his mouth. He couldn't believe he just 'Nyah' especially in front of Sollux! Of all People and Trolls it had to be in front of Sollux!!

Sollux bursted into laughter. "Wow, what are you trying to do? Earn the catfish awards? Sheesh man, get a grip." He said grabbing his husktop to research this epidemic.

"Good gog wwhy me of all wwhy me. Please tell me I won't be like this furever......For!! I meant forever!!" Eridan couldn't believe it. Now he was starting to sound like Nepeta. This cat thing was going to get hard to get use too. He fell back onto Sollux bed staring at the ceiling. "Find anyfin yet?"

Sollux typing was loud on his keyboard. He flipped page after page. "Nope, this has happened once on Beforus and twice on alternia... No known cure."

Eridan turned his head to Sollux. "Sol please tell me your joking! Are you saying I'll never be a seadweller again?!?!" Eridan couldn't believe that he was going to stay like this. To never go deep in the sea again. He started crying. He didn't care anymore that he was in front of Sollux he was scared and so confused why this happened to him.

Sollux rolled his eyes, he thought Eridan was just being dramatic at first. Then 5 minutes past and he actually began to get worried for the high blood. "Hey, calm down. I'll find away dude. If it'll make you shut up" he stated.

Eridan couldn't believe his new cat ears. This asshole just wants to help him to shut up. Anger boiled through his violet blood. He stood up facing Sollux and yelled "SCREW YOU SOLLUX ONLY DOING THIS TO MAKE ME SHUT UP!!!" Eridan hated this only reason he went to Sollux because he believed he would know actually help him unlike the others who told him to go away. "I....I wwould help you because I felt sorry for you....Not because I want you to shut up...."Eridan ran out Sollux hive towards the beach thinking of the only place he could go to be at that would relax him.

Sollux types up on his husktop to locate Eridan. Yes it's super creepy, but Sollux had a tracking device on the sea dwellers scarf. He seen he was headed towards the beach and ran outside after him.

A few minutes later he caught up enough to sea him sitting on the beach sand. He sneak up behind him and whispered in his ear. "Honk"

Eridan slightly jumped but brushed it off. "Gamzee I'm sorry but purrease go awway. I'm in no mood to hear about your miracles...."Eridan was really upset. Something happened that he didn't think would happen to him when he arrived at the beach. When he tried to go into the sea salt water.

Sollux cocked an eyebrow... How well could he fool Eridan... "HeY EriBro! WhAt aRe You aLl up aNd Sad aBouT?"

Eridan sighed. He wasn't really paying attention who it was. He just wanted peace. "If you must know I'm a damn cat now. My sea dwelling side is gone. My gills my fins gone. And Sollux decided to be a jerk to me. And I can't go in the damn water without jumping back and hissing. Hissing its gog damn ridiculous!! And all thats ever happened is that no one wwants to help me!"

Eridan was really upset he just wanted someone there with him. To comfort him telling him its all going to be alright. But no he just had to know asshole trolls. Not even his own brother Cronus would help him.

"WeLl, I wAs TaLkInG tO hIm EaRliEr AnD he ToLd Me YoU AlL Up AnD DitCheD HiM. ThAt YoU LeFt BefOrE hE CoUld ApoLogIZe. DoNt You LiKe hIm? He'S yOuR FriEnD riGhT?" Sollux said trying to avoid the letter S.

Eridan was getting slightly irritated at him. "Look just leave me the hell alone. Let me be miserable everyone else seems to want me to be so why can't you.... No one cares Gamz why should I have thought that they would...."Eridan knew no one would care. even before this no one cared for Eridan. He thought to himself 'Maybe he did deserve this. Not like Iwas any better...'

"That so?" Sollux used his lisp this time. He bent down and kissed Eridan's cheek, than began to walk home. He had a small twitching smile, he was actually about to cry but he just sucked it up and kept walking.

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