Aoi x reader

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Imagine being at the GazettE's live. You were backstage watching the guys do their best. You looked over at their fans in the audience screaming and head banging. Some of them were even holding signs, cheering on their favourite member of the band. Your eyes roamed the venue, awed at the amount of fans that came out. As you continued to scan the girls and boys in the audience, your eyes landed on a girl holding a sign that read I love you Aoi.
You felt a terrible bubble of jealousy form in your stomach. Did I mention you were dating Aoi? You hated knowing that million of girls have their eyes on YOUR Aoi. But what you hated more was never knowing the reason Aoi fell in love with you when he had an army of girls he could choose from.
Too caught up in your thoughts, you never noticed the five bandmates walk off the stage. A pair of strong, sweaty arms wrapped around your waist bringing you back to reality. "You know, a scowl doesn't look good on your pretty face." A tired yet deep voice sounded. You didn't realize you had a scowl on your face, let alone staring at that one fan you hated although you didn't know her.
Aoi looked out in the audience and looked where you were staring. He noticed the sign and chuckled in your ear. "You don't have to worry about her," he whispered, turning you around. You looked into his eyes, shocked at how much love they held. "She's my fan. I love my fans. But I'll always want you. I love you." You felt tears running down your cheek and he quickly kissed them away. He pulled you into his chest and kissed your head. "Let's go home. We can have a date night." He said before leading you to his car.

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