Since it was hard to find a private place in the Cullen house these days, Edward had opted to pull Jackie aside. Placing a hand on her cheek, much like Renesmee did, the two communicated telepathicly.

Don't be alarmed but I think Maddie may already have a mate, Edward told her.

What do you mean, she asked. You mean like Sofia and Seth?

Edward hesitated. Yes, but with vampires it's a little different, he explained. When Benjamin and the rest of the Egyptian coven first arrived, he was immediately smitten with her.

Wait a minute, Jackie interrupted him. You mean to tell me my baby is mated to a thousand plus year old vampire? She's only four!

Edward grinned at her. Don't worry little sister. It won't happen until she's at least sixteen, he said. I've heard Benjamin's thoughts, he's of a pure soul and he will truly love our dear Maddie. He wants to be nothing more than a dear friend to her right now. He loves her and cares deeply for her, her safety and her wellbeing. This could actually help in our case against the Volturi.

Jackie nodded her head. I'm sure you're right, she said.

Excusing herself, Jackie decided to take a walk in the woods. She could hear Jacob off in the distance, training a few of the younger Quileute's on how to control themselves when they turn into wolves.

"If your mom pisses you off, you don't want to tare her head off," he said.

Suddenly both Jackie and Jacob heard a loud rustling amongst the trees.

"Whoever's coming wasn't invited," Jacob explained before phasing into a wolf and running after the intruders.

Jackie hesitated a minute before finally deciding to run after them. When she arrived, the two vampires sat on top of a rock, taunting the wolves below, but she had no idea who they were. Carlisle, Eleazar, Edward, Bella and Kate emerged a few moments later.

"Vladimir, Stefan, you're a long way from home," Carlisle commented.

"What are they doing here?" asked Kate.

"We heard the Volturi were moving against you, but that you would not stand alone," Vladimir spoke.

"We didn't do what we were accused of," Carlisle said.

"We do not care what you did, Carlisle," Vladimir sang.

"We have been waiting a millennium for the Italian scum to be challenged," Stefan replied.

Carlisle shook his head. "It's not our plan to fight the Volturi."

"Shame," Vladimir said, "Aro's witnesses will be so disappointed."

Stefan smirked. "They enjoy a good fight," he added.

Eleazar turned to Carlisle, "Aro's witnesses?" he questioned.

Vladimir smiled knowingly. "Still hoping they'll listen?"

Tension was heavy as everyone gathered around the Cullen's living room, wondering why exactly they had been summoned. Finally, as Eleazar cleared his throat, everyone turned to listen.

"When Aro wants someone from a coven, it's never long before evidence turns up proving that coven committed some crime."

"He's done this before?" Bella asked.

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