Chapter Two.

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(Beca's POV)

Aubrey told me to pretend to be going to a business dinner, so I brought Emily along to make it seem more convincing. Emily genuinely thinks this is a business dinner, to add to the affect. We sat down, not three tables away from Chloe, Aubrey, Charlie and Avery. 
I haven't seen them in three years, unless you count the pictures around my house. Charlie looks beautiful. She's lost her left front tooth, you can see it when she laughs. Her eyes have become lighter over the passed three years, almost a golden hazel color. Avery sat with his arm around Chloe, who lay her head on his shoulder. I felt jealous. It felt weird seeing her lean on someone like that. 
"Beca? Did you even hear me?" Emily called from across the table.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked. Emily sighed. "Sorry, I got distracted."

"It's fine. I asked if you were coming to my and Benji's Christmas party this year." Emily said as she went over the menu. Her and Benji are now engaged, and have moved into a nice house here in L.A. so Emily could continue her career in music. She has three albums out, all produced by me, each one of them huge hits. I shrugged, and Emily knew without me saying anything, that I didn't know if I'd want to work on Christmas. I almost always worked on holidays, no matter what special day it was. Halloween, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, it didn't matter. It was another day to get stuff done in my opinion. "Well if you do, remember it's an ugly sweater party."

"Yeah, ugly sweater, got it." I nodded. I glanced back over in the direction of Chloe and Charlie, Aubrey finally noticed I'm here and excused herself to go to the bathroom. "I have to pee. I'll be right back." I got up and walked towards the bathroom. I saw Aubrey standing in the hall and stopped in front of her. "What's the plan?"

Aubrey studied my face. "Are you high?" She asked. "Your eyes are bloodshot."

I nodded. "I couldn't work up the courage to come here, I had to calm down." Aubrey rolled her eyes. "What's the plan?"

"I'm going to go back out there and pretend to notice Emily, invite her over to our table to talk with Chloe and I, sort of like a little reunion. You're going to see Emily and I and walk over, pretending to only notice me, then notice Chloe when you get to the table. Got it?" Aubrey explained. I nodded. "Did you drive here?" Again, I nodded. "While you're high? What the fuc- I don't care, just do this and stop Avery from marrying Chloe, got it?" She paused then looked back at me. "Chloe hates drugs. If I were you, I'd find away to get clean before things get serious."

That was going to be hard. I've been using drugs for a while now, and I hate to say it... but I'm kind of addicted. Weed, alcohol, cocaine, speed, and pain killers. It's gonna be hard to get off of it. I even picked up smoking for a while, but that only lasted a pack and a half.

Aubrey headed out first, I could hear her call for Emily and I waited for what felt like a forever before heading out myself. "Hey Em, is that Aubrey?" I asked as I walked towards the table, pretending to be surprised as instructed. "What are you doing here?" I got closer and Aubrey turned around, and gave me a hug as if she hasn't seen me in forever. I looked down and saw Chloe. Her eyes were directly on mine. Those piercing bright blue eyes that always captured my soul and made me feel weak. Those same bright blue eyes that told me they loved me. The blue eyes that have seen every inch of me, physically and emotionally. We just stared at each other, and the entire restaurant seemed to freeze. Suddenly Aubrey's hand was on my shoulder and I was snapped back. "Chlo-Chloe. Hey, it's good to see you." I held out my hand to her. 

Chloe hesitantly took my hand. The second our skin connected it was like pure electricity was pulsing through my veins. She shook my hand and smiled slightly. "It's good to see you too... Beca." She looked between Emily and I. "Are you guys here for a business dinner?" Emily nodded. "Of course. Always working, huh, Becs?"

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