Three Cheers for Five Years

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Derek's POV
Well, I'm not as banged up as the others. The worst one, by far was my son. My kid. He was quickly rushed to the hospital, with me and the band stayed by his side the whole time. He's been in a coma for three weeks. We come and see him every day. So does Willy and Jenna, Chrissy and a lot of the famous people we know.
We sing to him every day, but nothing really works. We tried a few of our songs, few of the other songs, but we haven't come together and formed one big singing group for him. Maybe that's what they need...
Told everyone we would meet at the hospital, everyone. Us, sws, every avenue, demi, Selena, Vic Fuentes, Sabrina, Chrissy, his friends and a few others. We also brought guitars.
"Everyone ready?" I yelled.
"Ready!" Everyone said. Well give him a concert.
First song: you be the anchor
And honestly I have been begging for answers
That you and only you could give to me
My voice crying loud
Been crying for days now
And as I start to run I stop to breathe...
And I was nearly scared to death
And I was nearly scared to death
Of what u left in paragraphs
Of what u left in paragraphs
The words are nearly over as
The words were nearly over as
You stop and turn and grab your bags
So I'll be here by the ocean just waiting for proof
that there's sunsets in silhouette dreams
While my sand castles fall like the ashes of cigarettes
And every wave drags me to sea
I could stand here for hours
Just to ask God the question.
Is everyone here make believe?
With a tear in his voice he said
Son, that's the question does this deafening silence
mean nothing to no one but me?
As hours move to minutes
And minutes take longer to break
I will be desperately awaiting when my tongue will fall apart
And we've been sitting here for hours all alone and in the dark
(The song plays thru)
"Woah, I think that's a sign." Jake says as he points to the monitor, it's going apeshit.
"He knows we're here... Another song?" Kellin says
"Sure why not." Benjamin says
(We play king for a day)
"He's waking up even more, u think it's time" Alex said
(Eye of the tiger plays and everyone sings)
"Why the hell are u so loud I'm taking a huge nap over here" says the finally awoken kid
"Drew!!!" We all shout
"Are u guys TRYING to make me deaf? I mean, I know sign language, but... Meh." Drew laughs quietly.
We laugh.
"Dad, why is Bruno Mars, and breaking Benjamin along with my homies here?"
"Finally my time to speak. Sup drew, I'm Bruno. A friend of your dad's." Bruno Mars says.
Drew's Pov
So... Dad got Bruno Mars to show up at the hospital? why? I don't know. How'd I end up here anyways? I feel someone take my hand. Looked over. Chrissy on one side, Jenna on the other.
"Hey babe." I greet her
"Sup little man" she says. We kiss and everyone aw's.
"Hello! Forever alone here!" Brooks states and selena and Demi both come over to him and kiss his cheeks.
"Now that's more like it" Derek flicks him and he laughs.

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