Puella Magi Madoka Magica (PMMM)

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YAY I'm finally doing this!

So if you been living under a rock, Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Or Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica) is an twelve episode anime that is very famous for misleading it's audiences. For those of you who haven't watched it, give it at least three episodes. I guess the GIF gives away the darkness aspect of the anime but one of the writers is Gen Urobuchi, who had apparently also done Psycho Pass and Fate/Zero. So most of us who are familiar with his work shouldn't be too surprised. :/

DOWN BELOW ARE SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I normally won't put this up in a rant but in this case, I'm actually going to talk about the characters in a little more depth than my previous rants and this is a series that you need to watch spoiler free. (If you don't care about any of that, then go on ahead.)



*** (Seriously though, you have been warned.)

Madoka Magica is basically about a girl named Madoka Kaname, who gets approached by this cat like alien named Kyubey with a wish. However that wish comes with a price and that is to fight off witches as a magical girl and she and her friends eventually learn about the pain and suffering that comes along with it. Again, this anime is very famous for misleading its audiences and you all know what happens to Mami Tomoe at the end of episode three. Although, considering that the writers for this anime have done much darker anime, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. I mean seriously, the first few minutes of the first episode had major foreshadowing. The series is rather blunt about the reality and dangers of being a magical girl, and its definitely darker than Sailor Moon. Don't get me wrong, Sailor Moon can get just as dark and gory. But the majority of SM is a little more light-hearted compared to PMMM.

This series is very, very, very complex with its ideals, morals and plot. Especially after watching the movie Rebellion (Hangyaku no Monogatari).

I watched the anime and I have to say, it was really good. Favorite character for me is surprisingly not Mami. I love her magic and outfit but that's completely different. It's Sayaka Miki. (Homura Akemi is second but we'll get to her when talking about Rebellion.)

For those of you saying that Sayaka died because of a boy, you clearly didn't watched the series closely enough. First off, she may have made that wish to make Kyosuke's hand better and possibly confess later on. However, unrequited love is not the reason of why she fell into despair and turned into a witch. It was because of the fact that she didn't feel human anymore. She felt as though she was a talking/walking zombie due to her soul no longer being in her body and confined into a Soul Gem. Due to this, she felt like she couldn't be with Kyosuke.

When you think about it, Hitomi actually dealt with the matter of her and Sayaka being in love with the same guy in a rather calm and mature manner because Sayaka was her best friend and she didn't want to lose her. Knowing that Sayaka probably had more of a chance than Hitomi herself did, she gave her one day to confess to him but unbeknownst to her, her confidence and straight forwardness with the matter only contributed to Sayaka's growing despair and loss of faith in humanity and justice. In fact, you know what Sayaka said before she went into the afterlife with Madoka? Hitomi was too good for him. I think that in the end, Sayaka always knew that she couldn't be with him in the long run and wants Hitomi to make him happy. So yeah, Sayaka didn't turn into a witch just because of unrequited love and don't blame Hitomi for it either because it wasn't even her fault. Sayaka made a wish under the pretense of wanting to protect the people she loves, only to find out later on that, if your Soul Gem is tainted too much, you turn into the very witches you fight against and that releases a burst of energy that Kyubey (aka Incubator) collects to encounter entropy. You know, just something to think about.

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