There is no limit for him

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Ring.... Ring....
My phone rang when I was about to enter my kitchen.

I was surprised, as no one calls me this early in the morning. I went to check my phone. It's an unknown number. Who can it be?

I picked up the call, "Hello?"
"Bring coffee to my room."a familiar voice said.
"What? Who is this?"I asked surprised.
"You didn't recognize my voice?"he said shocked, sighed and continued, "It's me, Barry. Your boss. Bring coffee."

Now he wants me to bring his coffee  to his house and how did he get my number in the first place. He really is a stalker! This is the limit!!

"You are my boss only in the restaurant so, wait until my shift starts. I'm not gonna deliver the coffee to your home."I said irritated.

"Ok. But you can bring coffee for your new landlord, right?"he asked.

New landlord?!! What is he talking about? He didn't.... He can't.... He can't be my new landlord...!!!

"Where are you?" I hissed angrily and shocked.

"You don't know where your old landlord used to live? First floor."he said.

"You can't! How can you be my new landlord when the old one did not sell the house?"I asked surprised.
"Just come up with a black coffee. I will tell you when you come here and bring your coffee too, we will have coffee together."he said and hang up the call.

I am so irritated. What is he doing in my landlord's house? How can he be here?

I angrily went to the kitchen and made black coffee for him and normal one for myself.

I took few deep breaths to calm myself down and went out of the house and went upstairs to his.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in. It's open."he said.
I went inside.

I was surprised when I looked around. He has changed the whole interior. He was sitting on the couch with a newspaper in his hands. He saw me and folded the newspaper and kept it on the table.

He signaled me to sit. I gave him his coffee mug and sat on the other couch.

"So, what do you want to ask?"he asked me and took a sip of his  coffee."It's nice."he said and smiled.

His smile is so enchanting. He looks so handsome when he smiles. His blue eyes shines brightly.

Jane, what's wrong with you? Are you going insane? You are thinking about his smile when you should think why and how he is here!!

I shook my head. I shouldn't think about all this. I am here to get my answers. And I will get them.

"What are you doing here? Where is Mrs. Rachel and her son?"I asked, glaring at him.
"I am your new landlord so I am living here. And as for Mrs. Rachel and her son, they moved out yesterday night after selling me this house."he said and took another sip of his coffee.

"What? Mrs. Rachel will never do that. And she didn't even inform me about this. How can she just sell and leave all of a sudden?"I said shocked.

No. This can't be true. Maybe I am dreaming. This is just a bad dream. I shook my head. Nothing changed. He is sitting right infront of me, looking at me confused. This is all true.

"Explain clearly!!"I demanded.

"Ok."he said and kept the coffee mug on the table and continued, "Mrs. Rachel's son, Max got a new job yesterday night and also a new flat. So, they moved out and I bought this house and moved in. You told me that you wanted me to buy this house, right?" He smiled.

"When did I.."I was about to bust my furry out but controlled myself.
He must have given Max a new job and what if Barry take away his job if I say anything. I don't want Max to lose his job. It's about his future.

I took a deep breath and said,"Your coffee is over? Then, I will take the mug and leave. I have a job to attend and also I don't serve my landlord with food and coffee. So, don't expect this again."I got up to leave.

I can see how shocked he was.
"You are my personal cook. So, I will only eat what you will cook for me."he said.

I took a deep breath and sighed.

I went to my home and kept the coffee mug in the sink. I didn't take even a sip from my coffee mug.
I tried to control my anger and went to get ready for the restaurant.

When I went out I saw Barry waiting for me standing infront of his car.

When he saw me, he smiled and asked,"Want lift?"
I sighed and replied, "No, thanks. It's fine. It's just 5 blocks away and I can walk till there."

And I started walking.
He came running to my side and started walking with me and said, "Then, can I walk with you?"

I stopped and turned towards him and replied, "No. I want to walk alone."giving him a dry smile and started walking.

"Ok. But, I will be walking behind you."he called out from behind.

I sighed.

When Emma and Lily saw us both coming together they were really happy. I tried to convince them it was just a coincidence but they were not ready to listen to me. Maybe, he did say something to them yesterday but they are not ready to tell me.

The rest of the day was as usual, him, ordering me and staring at me and me, getting irritated and annoyed.

He did the same walking behind me while coming home. This is really annoying! He is getting on my nerves!

Now he have become her landlord, what do you think will happen next? What will he do that will annoy Jane more? Please vote and comment.

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