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Pen Your Pride

My boyfriend is the star quarterback, but I had sex with the school nerd.

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I pushed away Jared as he grinded himself into me, his lips on my neck. He didn't pay any attention though, and struggled with the clasp of my bra trying to get it off. I started to give in to the touch of his hands rubbing circles down my side and back, but I heard my mom closing the garage. "Jared, you have to stop! My mom's here!" I said. "So what baby." he was so out of it he wasn't making any sense, and it was difficult for even me to focus with him kissing down the side of my neck. "So she wouldn't like it if she saw her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend having sex on her living room couch." "I don't care." god! I pushed him away with all of my strength. He stumbled backwards, falling over the automan. His eyes widened as he heard my mother fiddling with the door. I quickly straightened out my shirt and hair. My mom walked in smiling and caught sight of Jared. "Hey..what were you guys doing?" she aked "Oh, um Jared just dropped me home. He was just leaving." "Honey, remember what I said about having friends over when I'm not home?" she said with a look in her eyes that told me we were going to have a talk after his departure. I walked Jared out. "God your mom's a bitch," he said. "We couldn't even do anything." "Look. I told you we can't do this right after school okay?!" I answered, 'It's not her fault!" "Whatever, See ya' later." he said, getting into his car. I sighed and went back inside.

"Ashlyn, how many times have i told you not to have friends, especially him over when I'm not home?" mom aked. "I don't know, okay. It's not like we were doing anything bad." "Oh really, then what's this?" she said, dangling an unopened condom packet in front of my face. Shit, had we really left that there? I changed tactics, hitting her way below the belt. "Protection, because unlike you I don't want to get knocked up and pregnant without being married." My mom stared at me. She was so angry she couldn't speak. Then she left.

This is my life. My boyfriend is the star quarterback and the most wanted guy in the whole school--Jared Mason. I live with only my mom, she's almost never home because she's too busy with her career as a real estate agent. I get straight As. I drive a hot pink Volkswagon beetle. I am captain of the dance team and won the school award for 'the girl everyone wants to be'. My life is perfect, or that's what everyone tells me. But it isn't.

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