Ana ran, and ran, and ran even more and even faster through the crowds and the alley ways, even jumping over some walls, until she had reached the castle's stables, where her speckled white Thunder was ready with his saddle and two rather large bags filled with necessities tied to his sides. She opened the stall door and moved to his side.

"Hey, boy." She whispered, looking around to make sure the guards weren't there yet. He let out a whinny and moved forward slightly. Ana stood on the stool that she had placed there a while ago for her convenience and she mounted her horse, grabbing onto his reins, a silver colored one she had bought him a while ago as well. "Let's go." She told him, patting his neck as a signal to start going.

Thunder trotted out of the stalls and Ana kept her head down, making her way to the markets, where it had seemed the guards had not yet searched, although it was obvious that the news of what had happened had quickly spread. The people seemed quiet, and unmoving, but there were still the whispers, people telling others of what they say and so on. So not to attract attention, she moved slowly with the horse, as if she had not a care in the world, hoping that nobody would recognize her, that was until, she heard her name called out.

She turned quickly to see a stranger, an old man, no, it was the man that she had helped that one time when she came here with Arthur, he had a large coat now, and it seemed as if he had finally started eating well. He ran over to her, with another younger man and a woman.

"Anastasia! Take this, it'll leave you unrecognized." The older man said, rushed, and he handed her a black cloak that served also as a hood.

"This as well. It will be dangerous out there, and you might just have to use it." The younger man said as he handed her a dagger that was inside a leather cover with a long enough piece so that she could wrap it around her waist, as she did.

"Thank you, sincerely." She told him.

"I should be thanking you, you helped my father in his time of need. Here, my wife has this for you." He added, grabbing the blanket the woman had in her arms and handed it to her.

"Thank you. Trust me, I'll repay you twice when I can." She replied, placing the blanket on her lap and putting on the cloak and hood.

"Stop her!" A loud voice said, and she turned to see guards with swords readied.

"May whatever God that is out there repay you well." Ana smiled, and with that she kicked the horses sides and he rode off quickly, much quicker then what the guards could keep up with, although they tried. Anastasia couldn't help but feel bad for them, she couldn't imagine Uther's fury to them if they did not catch her. They kept after her until they reached the edge of the forest. Ever since the incident she had, which in all honesty was not long ago at all, the people had seemed to fear the forest, and those people had included the men hired to protect the royalty.

She was, in either way, grateful for this, even if she herself was fearful of the monsters that had lurked within. Thunder and her rode through the trees, and they did not stop until they reached a clearing deep within. She decided to stay on him, in case they had to make a quick escape, but she let him
catch his breath.

Through the leaves, she could see the sun begin to set, and she knew she would have to create some form of shelter soon. The night would not be kind to her, and she had to start a fire or she her and Thunder would freeze to death. In this moment, she wished she had the magic abilities that her brother had so naturally.

When she heard hoof steps coming towards her direction, and quickly as well, she unsheathed her dagger and pointed it to the direction the noise was
coming from. When the familiar voice called out her name, she let out a relieved sigh and rode over to the man it came from. The sight of him made her feel safe, and protected.

"Don't worry. I'm here to take care of you." He smiled. "I have a cabin, nearby, with a warm bed and a fire, and a place to rest your horse."

"Thank you, Lancelot. You do not realize how much I am in your debt. You've saved my life twice now." She answered to that, and she realized that she was now in debt with several people.

"No need for debts, my lady. Come, it's getting dark, and I know you want to rest." He smiled. They rode slowly together, and Lancelot told her of everything that had happened after she ran. He told her how Arthur went on a rampage trying to look for her, and how Ros and Merlin were waiting for any news, comforting each other. He had also said that nobody had known that he had come to take care of her, and that he would stay with her until he knew that Uther's threats could not harm her, and Anastasia knew that would not be until his death; that was quite late in her mind.

The cabin he led her to was small, it had a single bedroom, a kitchen type area, and a living area, where one could sit and relax, and there was a fire pit there as well. The stables were closed, and connected to the cabin, which she knew Thunder would be grateful of.

"Rest." Lancelot said, leading her to
the other bed. "You'll need it. I'll be here if you need me."

She gave him a grateful smile and moved her tired bones to the bed and laid down, sleep taking her almost immediately. Once again, she dreamt of royalty in the sky.

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