The park

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Niall's pov:

We finally made it to the park. I saw the lads playing footie and Mathilda sitting on a bench watching them."ON ME HEAD!!!" Lou screamed at Zayn.Zayn kicked it and I ran in kicking it to Liam.I saw Caitlin taking a seat next to Mathilda and I walked over handing my phone to Caitlin "keep this safe please, I don't wanna loose it"I gave her and Mathilda a smile Caitlin smirked as she knew what I was talking about. I ran off to the boys to play a proper came of football.

Caitlin's pov:

Niall handed me his phone and I slipped it in my bag. "Do you two have somthing going on that I don't know about??"Mathilda turned to face me as soon as Niall left "what?! Me and Niall?! No !!!"I couldn't tell her me and Niall kissed so I tried to avoid the subject of Niall.

"What about you an Lou?"I raised my eyebrows and she blushed...ALOT!! "Mathlida...?" I started to back up as she looked like she was going to explode with gossip "SPILL IT!" I shouted making the lads look at me funny I just smiled and waved turning back to Mathilda. "Okay...I like Lou!!"she said calming herself down "OMG!!!!!wait what about Zayn??" I said staring at her and pointing to Zayn not realising he was walking over to us.

"Hi Zayn!!!"I shouted and waved like mad "hi Caitlin and Mathilda" Mathilda slightly blushed as he said her name I gently nudged her knee making her focus again.

Zayn's pov:

I noticed Mathilda blush as I said her name.I wonder if she likes me back? I dunno..."hey em Caitlin can I talk to you for a sec?" I gently grabbed her hand a led her away "what is it Zayn?"she slightly tilted her head "I-I was just wondering if you could ask Mathilda if she likes me c-cause I like her"I was looking at the ground and when I looked up caitlin had her mouth wide open "what?"I shrugged "Can I go now? You know to ask her?"she said ready to run back "yeah sure, just text me her reply"I said being really serious "okay" she ran off.

Caitlin's pov:

"Mathilda do you like Zayn?"I said crossing my legs "yeah Zayns cute why???"she said tilting her head "no reason"I sighed and pulled out my phone texting Zayn.We sat there watching the boys play foot ball.they all walked over to us sweating "I need a hug" Harry said smirking at me and holding out his arms wich were all sweaty "ewww"I screamed as I ran off with Harry chasing me.

He eventually caught me and squeezed me to death.He carried me back,then sat on the bench with me on his lap.Niall gave me a few weird looks that I didn't understand so I ignored them.I handed Niall his phone back and he immediately started texting.*ding* I checked my phone '1 new message:Niall' I unlocked my phone and read the message.

'We should be getting back now'I looked up at him and nodded "well it's been a great day with you's but me and Niall should be getting back"I tried to get up but Harry pulled me back "please stay" Harry whispered in my ear "Harry we have to go"I said stroking his arm "okay but text me later"he said pouting "I will" I said poking his nose. Niall pulled me off Harry's lap and walked me out the park .

Niall's pov:

I kind of wanted to get Caitlin away from Harry. I don't know why but I think I felt jealous that Harry was holding her waist or something.I just couldn't wait to get back to the flat and snuggle up with her on the sofa and watch a movie.

"You wanna watch a movie?"I asked her as we walked through the door "yeah sure why not" she smiled at me, her eyes sparkling."Great,I'm just gonna have a shower be right back" I said standing at the bottom of the stairs "okay I'm gonna change" she followed me up the stairs until we split in to our rooms.

Caitlin's pov:

I got changed Into some sweat pants and a random t-shirt. I walked down stairs and into the kitchen,I put some popcorn in the microwave and messaged Harry.

'hey Hazza xx~ Caitlin'

'Hey kitkat wuu2?xx~Hazza'

'I'm gonna watch a movie with Niall xx~Caitlin '

'Cool what you watching??~Hazza'

'I dunno so what u doing??~Caitlin'

'Chillin' xx~Hazza'

'Sounds fun.hang on popcorns readyxx~Caitlin'

'Okay xxxx~Hazza'

'I have to go Niall has put the movie in bye xx~Caitlin

'Okay bye love xxx~Hazza

"Who you texting?" Niall asked as soon as I walked into the living room."just Harry"I sat down and snuggled into Niall. "So what we watching?I took a few pieces of popcorn "skyfall" he said throwing popcorn in his mouth "I love this film"I said snuggling up a bit more.

Niall's pov:

When Caitlin said she was talking to Harry I was a bit annoyed but then she came and snuggled up next to me plus she got the popcorn.RESULT. I knew she love skyfall so I picked it especially for her.near the end of the film Caitlin was fast asleep in my arms.

I switched the tv off and carried her to her bed.I lay her down and kissed her forehead and walked out the room.I flopped into bed absolutely exhausted.I fell straight in to a deep sleep.

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